New monothematic issue in 2018 – call for abstracts

Teaching psychology in teachers’ training programs
(Výuka psychologie v učitelských studijních programech)

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Special Monothematic Issue: Education Futures for the Digital Age: Theory and Practice

The main aim of this monothematic volume is to contribute to the field by offering from different perspectives and different contexts a wide spectrum of topics related to the application of digital technology in learning, in teaching and, generally, in education in advanced societies. We would like to mediate the latest knowledge and findings of pedagogy and psychology about the impact of digital technology on forming cognitive processes of pupils and to point out on methodical, instructional, pedagogical and organisational aspects of education using digital technology.

Qualitative systematic reviews, research studies, comparative studies, critical review, meta-analysis or mixed-mode studies and reviews that are not focused only on positive experiences with digital technology, but that also indicate their limitations, risks and negative aspects or consequences are welcome.

By 26th February 2018 please submit annotations of maximum two pages (3,600 characters) labelled “Monočíslo AJ DIGITAL EDUCATION” to the email address The annotation is to include the following: the author(s) and title of the submission, type of paper – theoretical, review, methodological or research paper – together with the presumed size, aims and content of the submission.

Guarantors of the Volume: Miroslava Černochová (CZ), Glynn Kirkham (UK), Christina Preston (UK), Christine Redman (AU), Jana Jacková (SK), Sarah Younie (UK) Continue reading

Special Monothematic Issue 4/2017: Historical reflection of education and its significance in (not only) teacher education

We would like to inform our readers that a new international monothematic issue 4/2017 called “Historical Reflection of Education and Its Significance in (Not Only) Teacher Education” has been published.
Editors of the numbers are Tomas Kasper, Karel Rýdl and Andreas Hoffmann-Ocon.
You can find the issue in the journal archive.
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Monothematic Issue 3/2017: Analýza učiva a vyprazdňování obsahu v současném vzdělávání

We would like to inform our readers that the monothematic issue 3/2017 titled “Analýza učiva a vyprazdňování obsahu v současném vzdělávání (Learning Analysis and Content Discharge in Contemporary Education)” was published.
Its editors are Jan Slavík, Stanislav Štech and Klára Uličná.
You can find the issue in the journal archive.
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(Česky) Právě vyšlo monotematické číslo 4/2016

(Česky) Vzdělávání a profesní rozvoj učitelů v teoretické a výzkumné reflexi

Cílem tohoto monotematického čísla je poskytnout prostor pro teoretickou a výzkumnou reflexi vývoje v učitelském vzdělávání v posledních letech, analyzovat klíčové problémy, prezentovat výzkumně ověřené inovativní přístupy k obsahu i procesům přípravného a dalšího vzdělávání učitelů, nabídnout k diskuzi expertní pohledy na řešení aktuálních problémů, klíčové koncepty a teoretická východiska pro proměnu kurikula učitelského vzdělávání, zejména jeho pedagogicko-psychologické a oborovědidaktické složky.

Číslo 4/2016 si můžete prohlédnout v našem archivu.
Garanty čísla jsou: prof. PhDr. Vladimíra Spilková, CSc., a doc. PhDr. Tomáš Janík, Ph.D. Continue reading

Current Issue: 04/2017

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Pedagogika journal is indexed in international databases DOAJ, ERIH PLUS, EBSCO and Ulrich’s.

In 2008 Pedagogika was included in the List of revived non-impacted periodicals published in the  CR.

The journal Pedagogika contributes to the development of academic understanding in education and to the cultivation of professional opinions  (see profile of the journal).  This it does through both the overall selection and the orientation of articles, the rigorous demands made on them and observation of  ethical principles of publishing.

The journal publishes reviewed academic studies, discussion contributions  on topical themes and reviews of specialist publications including analytical reports on important events in the professional community.

Pedagogika publishes the following types of academic study: theoretical, historical, overview, methodological, research-orientated.

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