Thematic orientations

Thematic orientations:

  • Upbringing and education in broader socio-cultural and historical contexts (actors, goals, processes and conditions from the educational and educational-pyschological point of view)
  • The teaching profession, teacher training and professional growth (this can extend to the staff of advisory services in the school system) in broader socio-cultural, historical and comparative contexts
  • Theoretical and empirical research-based critical examination of changes in the Czech educational system since 1989 in comparative historical perspective (the analysis of contemporary trends in school practice, the evaluation of the effects of reforms, and so forth)
  • Systematic mapping of the development of all areas of education and educational psychology
  • School management – from the point of view of theoretical premises and critical examination of school practice
  • Educational policy – from the point of view of conceptual starting-points and the expert positions put forward in relation to the implemented measures  (decisions) of the government and Ministry of Education.