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Early Literacy

Prerequisities of literacy development and early literacy

The Development of Pre-Literacy and Initial Reading Literacy in the Curriculum of European Countries

Vygotsks Concepts and Theories in the Initial Development of Language Literacy

Reading according to Elkonin – A profile ofthe Approach and Paraphrase ofthe Method

Reading Literacy in European Context

The Quality oflnitial Reading Literacy of Pupils in the 2nd Year of Elementary School

The Developmental Dynamic o f Reading in the Analytic-Synthetic Method of Reading and the Genetic Method in the 1st and 2nd Grade and Its Application in Counselling Diagnostics

The Development of Writing Skills in the Course ofthe First Grade Using the Analytical-Synthetic Method and the Genetic Method

The Development and Diagnostics of SylIable Awareness

The development of different aspects of reading words in Slovak language

The lnfluence of the Social Interactions of Children of Lower School Age on the Potential of Support for Reading in Family Education

A Profile of Slovák Children with “Dyslexia” from the Point of View of Their Reading Abilities

The Beginnings of Literacy among Czech-Speaking Children with Developmental Dysphasia as Compared to their Normally Developing Contemporaries

Pre-Literacy Skills of Slovak-speaking Children with Different Profiles of Language Abilities

Impaired Communication Skills and Reading Literacy

The Aequisition of a Foreign Language among Pupils with Specific Learning Disorders

Reflections on Problems of Literacy


HULME, CH., SNOWLING, M.J.: Vývinové poruchy jazykových a poznávacích schopností [Developmental Disorders of Language Learning and Cognition]