Category Archives: 3-4/2010 (MONO)

Helus, Z., Spilková, V. (Eds.) Paths towards the Quality in the Teaching Profession

The Teaching Profession in the Light of Theory and Research

Understanding Education and University Teacher Training

Personalisation in Education – A new view of an old problem?

Concept Analysis of Creative Tasks as an Instrument of Teachers´ Self-Awareness

Teacher – Expert. An overview of research trends and their results

Mentoring as a Form of Collegial Support and the Strategy of a Good School

European Approaches to the Concept of Teacher Quality – Through the lens of formal documents

The Educational Activites of Czech Teachers in International Comparative Perspective

International Comparison of the Sources of Motivation of the Pupil´s Learning Activity

The Interpretation of Some Didactico-Mathematical Phenomena among Teacher Training Students and Mathematics Teachers

The Pedagogical and Research Dimension of Student Essays in the Training of Teaching Students for Primary School

The Integration of Ideas Orientated to the Professionalisation of Teaching: A Discussion on the margin of the single-theme number of Pedagogika 3-4/2010

Publishing research results and showing research results at Czech universities