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The Name University, or Tractatus on the Tribulations of Today

Social Pathology, Deviance or Anomie?

Phonological Skills and their Importance in the Initial Phases of the Development of Reading

The Bauhaus Applied Arts School as Part of the Educational Reform Movement

Contact with Giftedness as One of the Important Variables Influencing the Attitude of Teachers and Parents to Exceptionally Gifted Pupils and their Education

ITC in the Hands of Czech Teachers

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Field Didactics and Curriculum or on a Crucial Function

Regard for Educational Content and the Problém of the Two Models of the Curriculum

Content, Subject and Intersubjectivity in Field Didactics

The Ordering of Subject Matter in Contemporary Theoríes of the Curriculum

Foundation and Application. History between Historical Science and School Education

The Inter-relatedness of the Choice of Learning Content, Process of Identifícation of Student Performance and the Conceptions ofTeachers. The Importance of the Empirical Results of Research into the Didactics of Biology Using the Example of the Teaching of Evolution

From Academie Disciplině to Educational Content: from the story of a teacher – expert

Life Skills Curriculum (themes and problems)

The Revision of Didactic Thinking: A commentary on a monothematic issue

On the Academic Profile of Educational Science…

Evidence-based Education: Inspiration for Educational Research and School Practice

The Development of Natural Science Literacy in Pupils in the First Stage of Basic School Using the Method of Managed Discovery

Reasons Why Czech Students Learn Physics

Correlations between the Results of Tests of Study Prerequisites and School Success

Assessment of the Difficulty of the Text of Secondary School Textbooks

Pedagogical Transformation of Content and Practice in School



Strašidlo reforem obchází vysoké školy

Education of Upheaval – the Task of Our Time. For the 85th birthday of Prof. PhDr. Radim Palouš, dr. h. c.

The Ontological Meaning of Education

Becoming a Schoolchild – school socialization in transitional rituals surrounding entry into elementary school

The Development of Civic Society and Democracy through the Eyes of Young Czechs

Students‘ Attitudes to Natural Science – results of PISA 2006 research