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Dějiny pedagogického myšlení- současný vzkaz o nesoučasném

A New Taxonomy of the Positive Sides of the Human Being – Inspiration for Pedagogy and Educational Psychology

Intercultural Competence and its Development through Physical Education

Indicators – An important instrument of knowledge

Teacher Development: An overview of relevant theories and research projects (Part 2)

Are Future Teachers of Natural Science Subjects Creative?

Identifying the Parameters of the Quality of Physics Teaching



Učeni ve škole: kognitivní, nebo osobnostní přístup?

Approaches to Research into Reading and its Impacts on the Educational Process From the Perspective of Cognitive Psychology

Contemporary Educational Discussions of the lone of Proximal Development

The Teacher as the Mediator of Learning

Cognitive Individuality, Theoretical Premises and Circumstances of its Development

The Process of Decontextualisation in the Formation of the Abstract Concept

Constructivism in the Teaching of Mathematics


Úpadek profesionality

Teacher‘s Views of Their Own Efficacy: A Review

Comenius – Theorist of Crisis

The Crisis of Contemporary Society and Transformation of Values at the Turn of the Millennium

Are Games of Dexterity just Potential Competitions?

On the Concept of Piano Playing as CLIL at Czech Primary Arts Schools (2000-2007)

„Vzdělanost / National vzdělanost“: The unclarifíed term in Czech educational theory

Our Continuing Debt to J. Patočka orPatocka‘s Natural World and Contemporary Educational Theory



Mocenské puta reformy

Indicators of Quality in Education

(Česky) Dynamické testované jazykových a verbálných schopností dětí zo sociálně znevýhodňujúceho prostredia

Selective Psychological Connections of Gender in the Environment of the School Class

Creating a Foreign Language Standard for a Technically-Orientated University

The Relationship of Phoneme Awareness and Letter Knowledge in the Initial Phase of the Literacy Development

The Teacher as a Victim of Violence – Results of a Victimology Survey in Czech Middle Schools