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A zase ta reforma…

The Internet Presentations of Basic Schools as a Possible Indicator of their Internal Social Environment

Curricular Reform from the Kalibro Survey

Attitudes to Natural History among Pupils in the Second Degree of Basic Schools

Intellectually Gifted Children with Specific Developmental Learning Disorder in the School Context – Problem or Challenge for the Teachers?




Setkaní s filosofií a filosofa se světem

The Educational Basis of Philosophy in the Thought of Jan Patočka

German School Reform in Czechoslovakia in the Period 1918-1933

On the Development of Czech Social Pedagogics

Religion and Religious Education in the European Union

The Problem of the Creation of a Learning Environment in Subject Didactics: The didactics of biology from the point of view of a Model of Didactic Reconstruction

The System and Dynamics of Values


Stálá výzva: oborové didaktiky

The School Directed, Managed and Administered

Problematic Aspects of the Evaluation of the Reuven Feuerstein‘s Instrumental Enrichment

Video Studies TIMSS 1999 – How Natural Sciences are Taught in Different Countries

Education Research into Selected Questions of Multicultural Education

Facts and Phenomena on the Interface of Didactic Theory, Research and Educational Praxis.



Pedagogické fakulty a profesionalita učitelů

Sixty Years of Education Faculties

The Professionalism of the Teacher in the Neo-Liberal Period

The Teaching Profession in Changing Demands on Education

Teaching – A contradictory occupation under pressure from new social demands

The Development of the Teacher: An overview of relevant theories and research projects (Part 1)

The Dominance of the Teacher and the Way it is Expressed