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Empiria and theoria, or when science does not quarrel with philosophy

On the Character of Pedagogical Theory. How to Understand Educational Ideals

The Relationship between Procrastination and Locus of Control in the Academic Environment

Moral Judgment Measured by the DIT Test in Secondary School Pupils (in relation to the variables of sex, age and religious faith)

An Analysis of the Methodological Techniques of Published Work in the Field of Experiential Education

Standards of Elementary Education for Chemistry Education

Standards: We will get the kind of standards we are creating

Kučerová, S. (2012). Changes in the territorial structures of the elementary school system in the Czech Republic

The Development of Pupils’ Metacognitive Competences − The open task

Is Good Education about Learning to Think?

Metacognition – Definition of the Concept and its Application in the Context of Teaching

The Possibilities of Measuring Learning Competence – The Application of a Finnish Tool in the Czech Environment

Mathematical Talent from the Perspective of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Psychology

Pedagogy under the Pressure of Double Expectations: Threat or Challenge?

Teachers’ Professional Vision: An attempt to review the research area

Dialogism and Research on Classroom Interaction: A review (1990–2012)

What Needs to Be Changed in the Work of Teaching Assistants?

Home Preparation in Mathematics (In the context of the relationship between family and school)

The German Comprehensive School – Gesamtschule

The Character of Pupils’ Utterances in English Language Lessons

CIES Conference 2014, Toronto

LOJOVÁ, G., VLČKOVÁ, K. Styly a strategie učení ve výuce cizích jazyků [Teaching Styles and Strategies in the Teaching of Foreign Languages]

JARKOVSKÁ, L. Gender před tabulí. Etnografický výzkum genderové reprodukce v každodennosti školní třídy [Gender in front of the Blackboard. Ethnographic research on gender reproduction in the everyday life of the school class]

Potíže s interperetací změn

A Hundred Years of the Development of Czech Textbooks of Educational Psychology and the Contexts of their Creation – A Picture of transformations in the conception of the field

The Professional Convictions of Teachers at Basic (Elementary) Schools and of Students at Faculties Training Future Teachers

The Quality of Physics Teaching from a Dual Perspective – A comparison of the views of the researcher and the teacher

The Autonomy of the Adolescent: The result of learning autonomy

Neuropedagogy – Neuroscience and Education in Collaboration

Když tři a dvě je méně než pět − k problematice strukturovaného studia učitelství

A small look behind the professional and pedagogical work of PhDr. Markéta Dvořáková, Ph.D.

Janko, T. Nonverbální prvky v učebnicích zeměpisu jako nástroj didaktické transformace [Non-Verbal Elements in Textbooks of Geography as an Instrument of Didactic Transformation]

Kalaš, I. Et al. Premeny školy v digitálnom veku [The Transformations of the School in the Digital Age]

Strouhal, M. Teorie výchovy: k vybraným problémům a perspektivám jedné pedagogické disciplíny [Theory of Education: On selected problems and prospects of one educational discipline]