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Změny v pedagogické vědě

Educational Science and Slew Challenges for Educational Praxis

On the Present State and Trends in the Exploitation of ICT in Czech Schools and Abroad

E-Learning and Education. Some views on the theme of e-learning

Electronic Educational Media and Ways to Evaluate Them

Distance and Virtual Laboratories in Teaching and in the Training of Natural Science Teachers

Entrepreneurial Education: Methods and forms used in the development of human resources

Current Changes in Medical Education

Children‘s Museums as a New Form of Education



Foucaultovské inspirace

On Some Aspects of Research into the Influence of Non-Discursive Characteristics of the Traditional School on the Child

The Informal Learning of Ecology and its Effect on Students‘ Knowledge and Attitudes

Research into the Child‘s Concept of Selected Natural Scientific Phenomena from the Subject Matter of Physics and Chemistry at Basic School

The Educational Preventive Programme for Younger Schoolchildren, „It‘s Normal not to Smoke“.

The Bologna Process and its Impact on Teacher Training

Framework and School Educational Programmes in the Context of the Educational

Contemporary Views of the Process of the Internal Evaluation of Schools in the Czech Environment


Pedagogika a pedagogové – Janu Sokolovi k sedmdesátým narozeninám

The Question of Interdisciplinarity and Competence in Education

Spirituality as a Basis of Moral Education

Selected Educational

Vzdělávání dospělých v různých fázích životního cyklu: priority, příležitosti a možnosti rozvoje

Educational Needs in Relation to Participation in Adult Education

Educational Courses for Adults in the Czech Republic

Note Dyslexia – A Case Study

Theory, Research and the Creation of the School



Pedagogická příprava učitelů v proměnách a nedějích?

The Metamorphoses of the Concept of Teacher Training and Their Analysis in Educational Research

Dilemmas in the Concept of Teacher Training for Students of Education

The Role of Implicit Processes in the Formation of the Professional Identity of Future Teachers

The Student Portfolio as a Source for Understanding the Attitudes of BeginnerStudents of Teaching

Self-Reflection in Teacher Trainign Students from the Point of View of Qualitative Research

On the Problem of the Open Teacher Training Curriculum

From Knowledge to Educational Practice: New Insight into the Pedagogical Instruction of Student Teachers?