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Konformita versus, deviace ve školském prostředí

Traditional and Non-Traditional Cheating in School

The Semantic Structure of the Fact in Subject Didactics

Legal Regulation of Home Education Abroad in Comparison with the Situation in the Czech Republic

Forms of Pedagogic Communication in the Czech School: Intentional and lllusionary Dialogue

Physical Self-Image and Its Place in the Field of Education for Health



Od retrospektivy k perspektivě dějin pedagogiky v Čechách

The Sudeten German Youth Movement and National Political Education 1918-1933

The Education of Jewish Children in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia 1939-1942

Czech Educational Science Today: An Attempt at a Positive Critique of the Current State

Nursery School through Gender Spectacles

Co je to vlastně didaktika?

Poznámka oborového didaktika ke dvěma kritickým zmínkám o rámcových vzdělávacích programech



Obrat k dítěti jako východisko školské reformy

The Correspondences between Period Educational Anthropologies and Ways of Depicting the Child

Psychological Aspects of the Professional Growth of Teachers: Resistance to Change

Children‘s Perception of Threatening Phenomena (pre-research phase report)

The Concept of Europe at Czech and French Primary Schools

Achievement Motivation and the Flow Experience



Snad ještě není pozdě

Framework Educational Programmes – A Long-term Task

A Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education in the Context of the Transformation of the Czech School System

Framework Educational Programmes: The problem of defining the „competences of pupils“

Challenge or Destruction? Czech Curricular Reform and History

Attempts at Reforming the Internal Practice of Schools Providing Basic Education