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Děti se speciálními vzdělávacími potřebami – nové výzvy

Educating children with special educational needs at the beginning of the third millenium

The process of educational inclusion in the czech republic: children with complex learning difficulties and romani children: an ‚outsider‘s‘ perspective

What does a school psychologist DOI critical points of the profession

An enquiry into the profession of a school psychologist in the czech republic

Making use of the „eeg-bio-feedback training“ (EBFT) method in school counselling

Dokumenty MŠMT

Hraní hranic

Children‘s games and psychology

A treatise on three classical ludological analyses and on their conception of a game‘s significance

Research into the games‘ folklore in 8™ grade pupils

The game and philosophy

Children‘s came from the perspective of psychoanalysis

Children‘s came and psychoanalysis

Children‘s came and ethnology

Arts in school: „merely a came or an issue for reflection?

Obstacles in didactic use of a toy



Didaktické meditace aneb o dorozumění a světa-tvorbě

The issue of eight-year secondary/high schools (the historical and theoretical context)

Will we wait to see a differentiated integration of the education system?

The process of education and understanding

The possibilities of innovations in biology curricula structures following the dynamic development in natural sciences

The phenomenon of understanding in the context of events in social education

Social educational science as an auxiliary discipline

Educational research on the orientation of tuition in civics and in the introduction to social sciences

Globalization, national and european consciousness of a selected sample of youths

How do teachers make use of and how do they assess history textbooks?

Teachers and social change

Life story of a teacher: ms. Adamová

Czech educational terminology: comparing three new educational dictionaries



Návrat vojenských vysloužilců?

Bridge now!

On the debate about the nature of individual and society

Modifying learning motivation

The development of metacognition – a way towards more valuable knowledge

Moral judgment test – a method o f measuring moral competence

Teachers‘ and students‘ perceptions of discipline

Několik poznámek k diskusi o dovednostech žáka i edukátora

Popular magazines for girls and their influence on readers‘ opinions and behaviour



Budoucnost společenskovědního vzdělání

Protestantism, education and instruction vis-arvis the requirements of Europe

The natural world and home – issues for the area of education

Four theses concerning the „school reform“ theme

European affairs: a challenge for czech educational science

A ‚Modern‘ European Education

Pokračování přehledové studie Jiřího Mareše z časopisu Pedagogika č. 4/2000