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Zamyšlení nad současnou českou školou

NEMES 1990 – 1998: Conception forming and the new forms of work

The PAU position and its role in school innovation

Czech primary school transformation after the year 1990

The curriculum transformation in the PHARE project “The reform of specialised education”

The influence and the meaning of educational alternative movement and its reform ideas in the Czech republic during the nineties

“TO BEGIN TOGETHER” programme – one of alternative approaches implemented in the first grade od czech primary schools

The schools of different social background quality with respect to school work and the psychological indicators of pupil’s stress risks



Zamyšlení nad katedrami pedagogiky na pedagogických fakultách

Basic education in the Czech republic: findings of educational research

Hypertext, hypermedia – the possible use in education

The professional identity of school psychologist

School psychology in France

Marc Antoine Jullien de Paris – the spiritual father of comparative education

Present trends in the school-management of Austria and Germany

Some personality traits with respect to education and its goals

Kruh – preventivně výchovné oddělení střediska pro mládež Klíčov



K textu vysokoškolského zákona

Philosophy as education

A description of the pedagogic relationship in the tradition of the humanistic pedagogy

The use of pedagogics during the physics teacher instruction

On the question of foreign language abilities

The situation in the czech regional schools management eight years after 1989

The teacher and the burn-out effect



PEDAGOGIKA a pedagogika

The need of the didactic reflection on textbooks

Journal of Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of education

The position of the general professional component in the curricula of the teacher study of physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University

Drama in the Czech republic after 1989. A popular wave or a new integral component of czech school education?

School and the rational civilization

The research of subjekt material and the teaching of the basis of the geographical orientation at elementary schools

What is the attitude of pupils and students towards school and educational reality?