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Nad tématem pedagogicko-psychologického poradenství

Self-determination motivation and pupils’ personal growth

The beginnigs, development, present state and future prospects of the educational counselling

International future prospects of school psychology

School psychology within the scope of services provided to schools

The school of friendly partnership

Teachers’ role in czech youth educational process

Special training for educational counsellors at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague

A catamnestic study in minor brain dysfunction (MBD)

Practical experiences with the screening of MBD

Specific reading disorders and the educational-psychological counselling

School aptness diagnosis “warning signals”

Dvě kazuistiky



K povaze vědního profilu pedagogických fakult

Reflection on further ways of the development of the Czech education system

The mission of the school

On teaching the gifted and talented students

On the reform of pedagogical management and on the new role of school inspection in England and Wales

Educational standards for primary and secondary schools

Prospects of the school dialogue’s analysis

Integrated secondary schools – new institutions in secondary technical school system

Pädagogik und Schulalltag



Dvě výročí: René Descartes a Martin Heidegger

The current debate about the didactical thinking

“It’s a miracle of nature”: children’s understanding of photosynthesis

Ecological culture in primary school student teacher’s personality

On the closed-cycle based instruction system

The “culture of evaluation” in France from the point of view of teachers

On the current problems of young teachers

What kinds of knowledge and skills are considered important by the teachers?

Student’s self-reflection during the undergraduate didactic education

Teaching practice – its meaning and its difficulties

Revue Française de Pédagogie



Transformace českého školství v posttransformační době?

The relationship between the schooland the family: seking a route to partnership (2)

A view of contemporary social pedagogy

Decision-making processes in education of the Czech republic

A starting point for the education of primary school teachers

Osvald in the steps of Komensky

Preferred interpersonal behaviour of teachers

Developing speech in pre-school romany children

The social and professional profile of future teachers in the first level of basic school

Pedagogická revue. Slovenská republika.



O koncepci Pedagogické fakulty Univerzity Karlovy

Hrozí degradace učitelského vzdělávání?

Ethos and education

On the past and perspective ideas and organisation of comprehensive schools

Programmes of instrumental enrichment

The relationship between the schooland the family: seking a route to partnership (1)

Improving methods of assessing textbooks

On the training and continuing education of teachers in secondary agricultural schools and colleges

Pedagogické zásady poněkud netradiční. Pedagogika na scestí.