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Učitel, jeho sebereflexe a společnost

What is the teaching profession about and what can be learned in it?

Outline of teachers’ professionalization in the czech lands (from the 18th century reform to 1939)

Institutional changes and logics of teachers’ professionalization french example

Teacher’s profession from the pupil’s point of view

Teachers in the students’ discourse

Some “bad habits” of teachers toward pupils

Beginnings in teacher profession from the point of view of school ethnography

Modalities of the teacher’s reaction to individual learning styles of students

The reflection of the teacher’s profession: “theatre”, “workshop” and “hard life” in conception of the instruction

The clinical semester and theoretical inspirations from in-service teachers

Review and Reports

Také transformujete?

Reflections on the way towards the school of future

J. A. Comenius’s contribution to some aspects of 17th century english pedagogy

Entropy as an instrument for the distractors functioning evaluation

How the esthetical perception contributed to the change of the paradigm of education (A Topical Memory of Alfred Lichtwark 1852-1914)

Reflection in the pre-service teacher training

Education of gifted children – marginal problem?

Social dimension of musical learning activities and music teaching

Autonomous learning competency of adult students

Fear form the school of the 10-years-school children



Kam s ní?

Autodiagnostics of the pedagogical activity of the teacher – a fashion or a need?

Teacher’s multiple questions

The problem of mistake in creative and expressive education

A conception of personality in the humanistic pedagogy

Czech teachers of elementary schools and political parties in the years 1860-1941

We should get more knowledge on the history of musical pedagogy

Communication climate in secondary school class

On teaching human rights at secondary schools in Slovak Republic



Obnova “pedagogiky”

Od výrazu k dialogu – příznak nového paradigmatu výchovy?

Chování učitele a jeho odraz ve výkonech žáka

Učitelova subjektivní odpovědnost za školní úspěšnost žáků

Several samples of school ethnography

What is school success?

Parents, children and teachers in the beginning of the second level of basic school – the role of family expectation

How children learn?

Know how to manage climate in classroom

Love at the ages of eleven and twelve