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Educational research and the transformation of the Czech school

Conditions and tasks of the pedagogical research in the Czech Republic

Research in the comparative and international education and its function in the transformation of education

Educational and psychological research: an instrumentof normativism or a common language mediator?

Education and educometrics

On the contribution of the ethnographic method to pedagogical reseach

Notices to the educational diagnostics development in the Germany

The expert systems in the teaching process; a contribution to the humanization of teaching

To the psychodidactics in the school subjects

The learning and achievements regulation conception development in the socially-cognitive theory of A. Bandura

Preschool care and education: Lesson from the 20th for the 21st century



From educational uniformity to educational plurality

Educational Policy in Czech Republic after year 1989

School administration as a factor plurality and effectivity as well as education

Introduction into the problems of Christian schools in the CR

To the impulse of Walsdorf schools for the plurality of the school system in Bohemia

The idea of humanization in Bielefield school projects

Diversity of pupil’s experiences in the classroom – how to use them for better knowledge

School of the called Jena Plan. Challenge: What can the official school assume from the Jena Plan?

To the contemporary discussions on the school system in the United States of America

School and education in the year of 400. anniversary of J. A. Comenius birth

The clinical project term

Innovation trends and impulses in the Foreign languages didactics



Perspective varietes of educational policy

Genius of the school

Perspectives of the Czech school system

“The cockoo’s egg of pride.” And educational note.

Competence of a teacher in the reflexion of the instruction

Recording of the verbal communication in a class

The Effectivity of the teaching of Physics at the grammar schools

The international research of the education in Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The significance of the working sheets when practising the learners’ skills in the lessons of laboratory work at the basic schools



Education, democracy and development in a period of revolutionary changes

Vision of education in the postsocialist periods

Educational quality and the crisis of educational research

The policy of school autonomy and the reform of educational administration: Hungarian changes in East-Europian perspectives

Problems of Europian education in School

Perspectives and challenges of Indian education

Comparative and international education: State-of-the-art in Czechoslovakia

The civics in the context of the American secondary school

What the “open teaching is”

The differenciation of the teacher’s perception of the learners