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The appearance from the international conference devoted to the 400th anniversary of the birth of J. A. Comenius – COMENIUS ’92

Comenius – the guide to future times

Necessity of the reflex of the child and childhood in transformation of our time

On two meetings of Jan Patočka with the educational work of J. A. Comenius

J. A. Comenius – the man of yearning

The school ethnography orientation

Organisation and managing of educational models

Managing education in turbulent environments

Cognitive and metacognitive strategies of self-regulating learning

The test performance and successfulness



Příloha na pomoc pedagogické praxi č. 2. Práva dítěte – škola – výchova

J. A. Comenius and the contemporary values orientation education

Perspectives of education – elementary features of the international education

The child’s autonomy (educational and psychological reflextions concerning the “new” elementary education)

Educational anthropology always topical

Educational psychology – contemporary conditions and the needs of the school

On university education of the teachers’ development in Czechoslovakia

Pre-school education question-marks (Some reasoning on philosophy, theory and practice in the kindergarten)

Jan Uher and the reform educational movement

A notice to the problems of the subjects didactics

How to form subjects didactics to help teachers

Problems of the subjects pedagogics and the tumbling of our post November education

Discussion concerning J. Kopecký’s article

Methodological questions of the educational theory



Forming the pupil’s pesonality in the light of the reality of our contemporary school

Ways to humanization and democratization of school management

What are the attitudes to “unproper” behaviour at school?

Guiding learners to educational self-regulation and the humanization of school

Personality and Learning Styles: Some Issues Concerning Curriculum and Instruction

How to understand learning styles (On the margin of D. Buss’ article)

Some educational and psychological aspects of teachers’ questions

Model of adaptive learning directing by the help of computer in chemistry programmes at generally educational schools

Two non-traditional data analysis techniques and their utilization in educational research

Czech teachers’ efforts concerning school reform. Experimental schools of the 20s.

Passivity and medioctrity


To the new year’s volume of the magazine Pedagogika

Premeditation on the school system and education and their further development in the Czech Lands

A round-table discussion on the problems of the school-system reform preparation

Science, research and the development of the education

The content of the school education and the science

To the beginnigs of investigating and solving the educational problems under our conditions

The pedagogical theories of education and the school reform

Mathematics as a structure – or as a compound of the culture?

Mathematical science and the elementary teaching of mathematics

The learner’s conception of the subject-matter

Naive theories of a child and their long-term exploiting in the teaching process

The dialogue and its long-term effectivity in the teaching process

Verification of the long-term efficiency of the school attendance delay

To the future of the cultural education at school

To review or not to review?