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To the fourth centenary of J. A. Comenius’s birth

Didactics and pedagogics in the work of Comenius

The education and school theory J. A. Comenius in the relation to the present time

School and humanization of education in the concept of Comenius

Comenius and philosophy of educational methods: intuitive method

The educational system of J. A. Comenius as a paradigma in the history of the science

The stimulating nature of J. A. Comenius’s philosophical and educational ideas in the context of the time present

J. A. Comenius and our school reforms

The significance stay at Blatný potok for the development of J. A. Comenius’s educational ideas development

J. A. Comenius’s orbis pictus always topic

Rezeption and impact of Comenius’s theory of aids and of his textbooks in the seventeentii and eighteenth centuries

Comenius’ stratiform didactic project

Jan Amos Comenius and the musical education

J. A. Comenius’s work – J. A. Comenii opera omnia

Some aspects of the hitherto research of J. A. Comenius’ terminology

J. A. Comenius and the historical tradition

J. A. Comenius’s workshop of humanity and the endeavour to humanize education

Democracy, expertness and education

Notices to the preparation of a critical analysis of the development of education in the years 1945-1990



To the problem of child’s personality disorders caused by in Adequate educational influences

To the participation of the punk and the skinheads movements in the conflicts with a hidden racist meaning

A permanent task of the school, to teach the fundamental stuff

From apathy to being revolutionary

The rights of the child and his research

Analysis of intergenerational relations in contemporary family

The cultural receptivity of youth and its research

To the problems of the philosophical premises of education

The research in the psychology in education

Transformations of the teachers’roles, their effectivity, prestige and the reward for their work in the world’s trends

The school reform and its consequences for the conception of the teacher’s practical preparation

The general starting-points of the conception of the studies of the first-grade basic school teachers



Humanization of education and current curriculum theories

Teachers and their problems

Multicultural education and the Czechoslovak situation

The term „didactics“, its origin, occurrance and meanings

We will solve the reading skill newly from the elementary reserches of the reading texts structures

Treatin on elementary reading by Josef Kožíšek

The problems of the relation of the cultural particiation of children and the aesthetical education

To the topical problems of managing the education under new social conditions

The formation of a totautarian educational system in the post-war Czechoslovakia

The influence of a reception of the Soviet pedagogy on our pedagogics



To the development of our school system and the school reform preparation

Notices to the development of politice and institunons in the area of the school systems (years of hopes? Crises and disappointment, 1495-1990

Westeuropian school systems in the seventies and eightees

General and vocational education in the school reform

The educational system and healthy development of the pupil

Stimulations for the school reform in Czechoslovakia: innovation trends in the school systems of finland and denmark

Some determinants for reasoning about vocational schools

To the educational and psychological teachers’ preparation

A thesis on the educational system reform



The debts of educational sciences

School reforms in international perspective: trends and problems

Screening in the educational psychology

Some problems of the educational interaction from the point of view of broader educational process contents

The dialogue and the conditions for its existence

Educational innovations and the educational research in the Netherlands

Reviewing the effect of delaying the school attendance by the pre-school kindergarten forms and the 1st basic school forms teachers

To some possibilities of integrating educational researches

An interview with the ministers of education, youth and physical training of the Czech and Slovak Republics


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