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The artistic education and the development of the values orientations

The co-operation of elementary kinds in the aestethically educational process

Musical education in the system of sciences and its interdisciplenary relation

To some selected problems to the schools managing theory in the U.S. and West Europe

How to continue in managing the schools?

On the Function of Visuals in Developing Pupils’ Personalities

An acceleration of the development – or a more effective teaching of mathematics at the first grade of the basic school?

Sweden and its School System

The agreement on the child’s rights



On the new conception and tasks of the magazine „Pedagogika“

On the Concept of the J. A. Comenius Institute of Education

The peudologics and the professionality gradation of educational workers

The cybernetics and the computor and controlling equipments change the educational interactions

Some connections between the style of work and information the creative and scientific activities, and function of the informative systems

Stanisław Hieronymus Konarski

The teachers’ education in the Federal Republic Germany



The new social situation – new possibilities and perspectives of our school system and education

The theory of the cognitive socialization

The actual problems of the projecting of the secondary general school

To the problems of the conception and practice of the school instruction

To the problems of the national conciousness of children and the youth in a nationaly mixed area

The metaanalysis in the education research

Moral values of the society in the evaluation of the youth

To the instruction of the history of the pedagogics and education at universities and colleges

From the educational heritage of Alfred Adler



The open tasks of education and the pedagogics

Perspectives and barriers of the development of education

Illiteracy as a whole world problem

The educational functioning of the school and the family developing the children’s values orientation

The communication in the classroom – grammar school and the SOU (secondary vocational institutions)

Problems of the basic and “burgher” school teachers’ practical preparation in the period of the first Republic

The evolution and the contemporary conditions of the Waldorf school in the German Federal Republic

To the material on the analysis of the educational system

The intensive social and economic development and the development of the educational system



The future of the visual art education

A contribution to exploring the educational aspects of the didactic interpretation

To the creation of the psychometric skills

The effectivity of the technical drawing teaching at secondary technical schools

Václav Příhoda and the Jugoslavian education

Several preparatory views of the evaluation of Václav Příhoda’s heretage (1889-1979)

To the foundations of the special didactics methodology and its share in the results of the educational didactics



The adults education

The effectivity of educational processes: theory and measurements

The view of the self-regulation as a compound of the personality attitude towards the pupils

The theory and practise of the educational programmes developing

Illiteracy, the global problem of the present time

The educational effectivity of the teaching programmes

The computation technique and the forming of an active personality of a learner

Education of workers and their education to the defence of peace under capitalism and in the school of the future