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Significant stimulations to a further development of the education

To the question of investigation and evaluation of a secondary student’s Weltanschaung qualities

The interests self-realization as a means of developing the values orientation of the youth

Some progressive conceptions of the graphic expression of the adolescents

The theory of making decisions in the education and its exploitation in the teacher proffesion students’ preparation

Functions and tasks of the comparative pedagogics at the present time

Psychological causes and motivation sources of the socially undersirable behaviour

Educational problems of the French revolution and their public acceptance in the Czech lands

The problem of the learners’ preparation for their working activity of the rebuilding of the socialist society in the ZSSR



The tasks of the tertiary schools and the tertiary schools pedagogics at the time present

The teaching, the basic institutional form of education

The cognitive psychology and the theory and practise of the pedagogics

What kind of attitude show pupils of today towards the school education

The role of mathematics in the didactic experiment

Didactic aspect in the teaching with the calculation technique in the subject “chemistry”

The trends of the (psycho)didactic researches in France



The streamlines of N. K. Krupská’s thoughts in the period of the perestrojka

N. K. Krupská’s signification for the methodology of the scientific educational thinking

The creativity of the educational system of N. K. Krupská

Friendly meeting: Text-books at the contemporary school

To the methodological evaluation of the textbooks

To the foreign languages elaborating theory

To the topical tendencies in projecting the teaching

Free words associations as a school knowledge test



The association of the school and the life, an always actual task

Actual problems of the scientific character of the pedagogics

To some reason of the standard decline at the transition from the basic school to grammar or vocational secondary school

Young people education for married life and parentage

To a complex view of the problems of the educational system

Dilemas in the socialist education in the light of the socially economic perestrojka, and the scientific and technical revolution



Preparations for the hour hundredth anniversary of the birth of Jan Amos Comenius

How the content of education is being realized in the teaching

On the system of directing the students’ work on their own in a school-subject and its implementation in the educational process

Methodological starting-points for the foreign languages school-schedules and text-books

Modernization in the mathematical education of engineers

The marxist evaluation of antagonismus of the “old school” and the “new education” in the beginning of the 20th century



To the contemporary problems of morals and the moral education in our society

To the development of the endowment and the talent

The verbal dimension in the aesthetic evaluation in the arts education

The collective in the teaching

The polytechnical education as a factor of the scientifically technical development of the socialist society

The Czechoslovak-Soviet relations in the year 1936 and their acceptance in the teachers movement

Leopold Pek’s contribution to the comparative and special pedagogigs