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The Socialist Youth Union in the period of accelerating the social advance

The investigation of the school-textbooks for the school-subjects dealing with natural sciences

The research of the educational effectivity of the teaching videprogrammes

A contribution to the methods of the investigation of the terminological exactness and comprehensibility of school textbooks

On some aspects of forming the moral profile of the learners at secondary vocational establishments

Ján Kvačala – a noted personality in the histories of the pedagogics and the comeniology

Častnaja didaktika, or the methodics of the Russsian language?

Why is it not possible to replace the didactics of the school-subjects by the methodics?

The new conception of educational contents at the secondary schools of economics



The Great October Revolution and the revolutionary change of education

The XXVIIth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the tasks of pedagogics as a science

Developing teaching – the conception of teaching of a socialist society

Actual questions of the research problems of forming the learners’ scientific weltanschauung in the light of conclusions of the XXVIIth Congress of the U.S.S.R

Czechoslovak Social relations in education and pedagogies in the years 1934-35

Historism as a methodological principle in the pedagogics

The Soviet psychology of personality and its culminating into the work of A. V. Petrovsky’s work

To the problem of the influence of the Great October Revolution on the Czech pedagogical science and Czech teachers



Significance of natural sciences, technical sciences, and humanities

Determinants of an actual instruction

Struggle of the Czechoslovak Communist Party for Slovakia during the defending of Slovakia and the uplift of its schools and science (On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Plan of Economic, Social and Cultural Uplift of Slovakia)

The experimental, entirely integrated model of the contents of education in the Bulgarian People’s Democratic Republic

To some problems of the optimalization of the educational process at the grammar school

Czechoslovak teachers’ participation in the preparation of the school programme of the Czechoslovak Communist Party in the time of the twenties

Posibilities of exploiting the calculation techniques in the instruction and didactics of the school subject the calculation techniques at secondary schools with economic orientation



The Power of the Students’ Solidarity (To the 15th Congress of the International Students’ Union)

To the Problem of the Development of the Special Didactics as a Scientific Discipline

Elementary Features of the Militarization od School, the Weltanschauung and Ideological Bases, and the Educationalists’ – Struggle for a Happy Future of Children

To the Methods of the School Textbooks Analyses

The Conception of Learnes’ On-Their-Own Work in the School Instruction

Ecological Education as One of the Integrating Factors of the Educational Work at Basic and Secondary Schools

Elementary and Secondary Education in France

School and the Slovak Teacher in Hungary in the End of the 19th and in the Beginning of the 20th Centuries



The Programme Document of Czechoslovak Science – A Part of Mr. Josef Havlín’s Speech at the 50th Assembly of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences Members

The Basic Research in Pedagogic Disciplines in the 8th Five-Year Plan

The Position od Methodics in Pedagogy

The Structure of a School Experiment

Present-Day State and Perspectives of General Polytechnic Education at Secondary Schools

The Rules of Communication: Teacher-Pupils at the Basic School

The Relation Between the Development of Social Production and Education

Pedagogic Views of Elena Maróthy-Šoltés and Her Merits in the Establishment of Slovak Schools for Girls



With more creativity to the new period

Topical Problems Concerning the Intensification of the Educational Process

Characteristics of Teaching and Learning in Pairs and its Influence on the Performance of Slower Learners

Optimizing the Educational Process in Higher Education – the Crucial Role of Scientific Control

G. A. Lindner’s Views on Questions Concerning Object Teaching (of Basics) in the Lower Grades of the Elementary School

Extraclass Education at Secondary School (Current State and Prospects of Further Development)

Determination of the Content of Education by Pedagogical Goals