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The International Year of Youth

Existing Problems of Developmental and Pedagogical Psychology

Questions Dealing with Attempts at Perfecting the System of Elementary and High Schools

A Critical Analysis of Anthropological Conceptions of Education

Social Environment as an Element of Education

Possibilities of Controlling the Learning Process in Higher Education

Concerning the Role and State of Research in the History of Pedagogy and of the System of Education in the World Today

The Teaching Activity and Pedagogical Ideas of Ľudovít Štúr (Honoring the 170th Anniversary of His Birth)



To Marx’s Views of Education and Its Links with Production

To the Development of Some Contemporary Problems of Czechoslovak Didactics

General Education the Apprentice scholls System and the Development of It Since the Liberation of Czechoslovakia

To the Development of Marx-Leninist World Outlook Education in the C. S. S. R.

The Problem of Self-Evaluation in Soviet Psychology and the Importance of It for Pedagogy

Slovak Workmen’s Schools in the U.S.A.

To the Problemacy of Pedagogics Ethics


To the Political Struggles for School in the Czech Lands at the End of the 19th Century


An Appeal by Scientists of the Socialist Countries Engaged in Research into the Problems of Peace and Disarmament

Otokar Chlup and the School of Today

The Socialist Youth Organization in the System of Communist Education at Secondary Schools

The Place and Objectives of Pedagogical Psychology in the Basic Pedagogical Research

Topical Problems Facing Pedagogical Sciences under the Conditions of Constructing a Developed Socialist Society in Czechoslovakia

Fourty Years of the Unified School System in Czechoslovakia

Topical Problems of the Development of Pedagogical and Psychological Diagnostics in Czechoslovakia

Pedagogical Diagnostics of the Pre-School Child



Questions of Teaching Marxism-Leninism in Higher Education Establishments

Thirty Years of Struggle of Otokar Chlup for the Czech Progressive Pedagogy

Mátej Bel’s Pedagogical Work

The Syllabus Theory in Czechoslovak Pedagogy

Standardization of the Research Record on a Lesson

The Place and Tasks of the Mother Tongue in the Training of Teachers Studying Special Pedagogy

Possibilities of Describing the Contents of Education and Ascertaining their Pedagogical Effectiveness (On the Conception and Methodology of Research)



Theoretical and Methodological Significance of the “Basic Trends in the Reform of the General and Vocational Schools” for the Development of Socialist Pedagogy

On Some Questions Concerning the Content, the Process and the Appraisal of the Level of Pupils’ Moral Consciousness

On the Development of Extra-Class Education at the Elementary School

Ladislav Novomeský, a Champion of the Democratization of Culture and Education (in Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of his Birth)

The First Systematic Work of Czech Pedagogy in the Latter Half of the 19th Century

On the Problem of Social Responsibility of Teachers and other Educators



Fourty Years of the Educational System in Czechoslovakia and its Further Perspectives

Development of the History of Pedagogy in Czechoslovakia Since the Year 1945

Struggle for a Unified Education System in the Czechoslovak National Assembly in the Years 1945-1948

Czech Pedagogy and School Reform Efforts in the Inter-War Period

Educational Methods in Pedagogical Documents and Didactic Materials of the Senior High School from the Viewpoint of the Vertical Links System

Pedagogical Research and Pedagogical Practice (Aspect of Utilization of Scientific Information)

Transformation of Scientific Knowledge into Educational Content