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Conditions for Effective Penetration of Pedagogical Theory into Practice

Current Problems of Creating Moral Awareness from the Conference of the Czechoslovak Pedagogical Society of the ČSAV and the Slovak Pedagogical Society of the SAV



Education to Correspond to the Level Requiered by a Developed Socialist Society

The Character of Science and Some Topical Questions Concerning the Content of Education

Questions Concerning the Theory of Syllabi in Pedagogy in the USSR and the GDR

Subject Didactics and their Basic Functions

The Procces of Term Formation in the Teaching of Mathematics

The International Teacher Movement in the Early 20th Century and the Struggle of the Educationists’ International for the Unity of the Socialist Teacher Movement



The Slovak National Uprising and its Significance for the Socialist School and Education

Inter-System Comparison of the Development of Education under Socialism and Capitalism – a Criticism of the Methodology of Bourgeois Pedagogical “Researches on Eastern Europe” in the Federal Republic of Germany

Theoretical Problems of Integrating the General and Vocational Components of Education at Secondary Vocational Training Schools

Education of Apprentices in the Socialist Society’s Development

Picture as a Didactic Aid

Comenius’ Views as a Starting Point for Chlup’s Theory of the Basic Teaching Material and the Ideas of General Education and Improvement



Extraclass Education in the Socialist Educational System

On J. A. Comenius’ Contribution to Educational Theory and Practice

Aesthetic Education, its State and Perspectives

On the Question of Formation of Scientific World Outlook in Adolescents

Open Forum – a Form of Moral Education

The Conception of Didactics Teaching in Teacher Training



In Expectation of the National Conference of Teachers

O Chlup’s Theory of Basic Teaching Material and its Significance for Solving Curriculum Problems

The Parameters of Teaching Texts

The Preconditions of World Outlook Education in Pedagogy as a Study Subject

The Leninist View of the Realtionship of School and the Socialist Youth Organization

The Function of Pedagogical Theory in the System of Further Education of Teachers

On the Project of Pedagogical Preparation of Teachers of General Education Subjects

On the Relationship of Education and Science



Putting the Achievements of Pedagogical Science into Practice

Training for Collectivism and the Formation of the Marxist-Leninist World Outlook

Starting Points for the Conception of Law Education at Elementary and Secondary Schools

Theoretical and Methodological Questions of Law Education

Repercussions of A. V. Lunatcharsky’s Pedagogical Work and Ideas in Czechoslovakia

Questions of Education in the Initial Stages of the International Working-Class Movement (to Mark the 120th Anniversary of the Foundation of the First International)

The Tenth Anniversary of the Institute of Experimental pedagogies, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Criteria for Teacher Evaluation in Present-Day Socialist School