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The Soviet Pedagogy – The Inspiration for Theory and Practice

About the Topical Questions of Moral Education

Marxism-Leninism – the Methodological Basis of the Pedagogical Science

Soviet Educationists about the Comprehensive Approach to Education

Topical Problems of Pedagogical Research at the Elementary School

On the Relation of the Theory of Management and the Management of the Educational Work of the School

The Establishment of the Comenius Heritage

The Technical Education in Bangladesh and its Consequences to the economical development



For a More Intensive Popularization of Pedagogical Knowledge

A Study of the Structure and Function of the Didactic System

On Problems of the Theory of Vocational Education

Science-based Atheistic Education in Theory and Practice

Positions of the Communist International on Educational Policy and Pedagogy

Educational Activities of Slovak Teachers – National Revivalists – in the Territory of Present-Day Hungary in the 18th – 19th Centuries



Fundamental problems of Pre-School Pedagogy

The 25 Years of the Scientific Development of the Comenius Pedagogical Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and its Tasks

The Educational Methods System in Optional Subjects at Senior High School

Pedagogical Views of Ladislav Szántó adn his Work as a Teacher

The Object and the Basic Problems of the Didactics of Physics

School of Higher Pedagogical Studies in Prague

On Determination of Pedagogical Diagnostics and its Place in Pedagogy



For Further Development of Pedagogical Sciences

The Role Played by the Revolutionary Trade Union Movement in the Struggle for a Unified State School in Czechoslovakia in the Years 1945-1948

A Contribution to the Prognosis of the Prospective Structure and Prospective Postition of Science and Technical Subjects on the Curriculum of the Secondary General School in Czechoslovakia

The Share of the Family and School in the Motivation of Pupils’ Achievement at School

Question Related to the Prospective Model of Teaching and Education in Further Foreign Languages

Classroom Prompting as a Socio-Psychological Phenomenon



On the Possibilities of All Pupils’ Development in Classroom Instruction

The Personality’s Social Activity and its Pedagogical Regulation

On the Problem of Subjectivity in Marking Pupils’ Work

Patriotic Educational Activities at the Jičín Grammar School in the First Half of the 19th Century

On the Problem of Placing Pupils in Secondary Schools in Accordance with the New Conception of our Educational System

B. S. Bloom’s Psychodidactic Theory



The Tasks of Pedagogical Science in Educating Young Workers after the 16th Congress of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia

The University Teacher and the Pedagogical Work at University

Ways Towards Curriculum Synthesis

Transformation of Historical Knowledge into Curricula

On the Origin, Development and State of Defence Education in Schools

Changes in the Educational Strategy at School in the FRG, its Present-Day World Outlook Foundations

Organizational Questions of the Teachers’ Movement in the Czechoslovak Burgeois Republic (1918-1938)

Educational Efforts in the Krkonoše Foothills in the Middle of the 19th Century

Pedagogical Views of N. I. Pirogov