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For the Promotion of Education in the Sense of the Education Policy of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia

The Style of Elementary School Administration to Be Improved in Accordance with the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia’s 16th Congress Resolutions

The Role of Education Economics in the Further Development of the Czechoslovak Education System

Problems of Social Care for Disabled Young People

The Activity Model of Literary Education and Questions of General Didactics

Zdeněk Nejedlý and the Implementation of the Education Act in the Years 1948-49 and 1949-50

The Comintern’s and the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia’s Educational Policy between the Two World Wars



From the Speech Delivered by the President of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Academician B. Kvasil, at the 40th General Assembly of Members of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences

A New Stage in the Development of Education

World-Outlook Education in Lectures and Seminars at Colleges of Agriculture

Class Conception of Collectivism and the Individual’s Development of Abilities

Theory of the School Textbook and Researches on it in the USSR

Juraj Hronec’s Part in the Campaign for the Development of Secondary and Higher Education in Slovakia



The XVIth Congress of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia – the Starting Point for Further Work

Pedagogy’s Contribution to the International Year of Invalids

Education of Skilled Workers at the Secondary School for Working People

The Development of Intellectual Faculties and the Educational Process

Academic Achievement from the point of View of Motivation and Cognitive Style

Anti-authority Education in the Federal Republic of Germany



The XXVI. Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Task of our School and Pedagogy

Some Theoretical and Methodological Questions of State Basic Research Plan No VIII-6-7 for the 7th Five-Year-Plan

Some Questions of the Ideological Struggle and Their Relation to Pedagogical Theory and Educational Practice

On Departmental Research Plan

Activating Possibilities of Multiple-Choice Assignments

Expreimental Research on the Effectiveness of Graded Assistance in Solving Problem Assignments and the Possibilities of Practical Application in the Teaching Process

The Effectiveness of Problem Teaching

Verbal Ability and School Attainment of Elementary School Pupils



Principles of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia’s Education Policy (A Contribution to the 60th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia)

The Scientific Conference on “The Socialist School Teacher”

The Pupil’s Apprehension of Himself and the Effectiveness of Educational Work

Aesthetic and Moral Education as an Integral Part of Lifelong Education

Indirect Educational Work in the Sphere of Culturally Educational Activities



Basic Research in the 7th Five-Year Plan

Elements of World Outlook Education in the Teaching of Science Subjects

Aspects of Knowledge Synthesis at the Secondary Stage of General Education

On the Criticism of Contemporary Burgeois Conceptions of Life-long Education

The Origin of the Czech Nursery School