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Education of Scientific Workers – Part of Further Development of Science

Some Criteria of the Effectiveness of Learning and Teaching and Methods of Ascertaining it

The Theory of Information and the Theory of Direction as a Basis of a System Analysis of Education in the Department of Schools

Systemic Conception of Inspection in Education

Some psychological and pedagogical problems of the teaching text



For a Firm Union of Ideology with Practice

Educational and Cultural Programme of the Slovak Councils Republic

Questions of Control Relationships in a Socialist School

Global Problems of Mankind and Education

Fridman’s Theory of Assignments

Pedagogical Research on Apprentices



On the New Higher Education Act

For a Higher Standard of the Ideological Education of Pupils

Children’s School Results According to the National Research

On Motivation Structure in Learners’ Activities

Specific Problems of Educational Work with Pupils Admitted to Gymnasiums

The First Visit of Teachers to the Soviet Union

Unknown Documents on the Life of a Czech Educationist and Poet, Contemporary of Comenius



Ideological, Political and Educational Significance of Socialist Physical Education

On Philosophical Questions of the Relation of Causality and Finality in Man’s Education

Pedagogical Research in the Years 1976-1979 and its Further Development

The Main Features of Communist Education at Higher Education Institutions

Collectivism in the Training of Undergraduates

On the System of Educational Aims at the Gymnasium (Senior High School)

The Scientific and Technological Revolution and the Position of Apprentice Training in the Education System

Josef Haken – Teacher and Communist



Thirty-Five Years of the Czechoslovak School and Pedagogy

The Functions and Tasks of Science in Implementing Further Development of the Czechoslovak Educational System

The Share of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Implementing Further Development of the Czechoslovak Educational System

Some Questions Concerning the Management of Educational Work and the Respective Research

The Task and the Development of Political and Specialist Training and Raising the Qualification of Executives (Cyclical Training) within the Framework of the Czechoslovak Educational System

Bohumil Bydžovský and Czechoslovak Education



The Significance of Education for the Development of a Socialist Society

Methodological Problems of Didactics

A Critical Analysis of Some Elements of Pragmatism in Pedagogical Theory and Educational Practice

Pedagogico-Psychological Aspects of the Contemporary Conception of the Educational Process

Socio-Professional Orientation of Children and Youth on Blue-Collar Occupations

The Teachers’ Left and the Teaching Proffesion during the Depression Period in Czechoslovakia