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In the Periode before the XIIth Congress of CPC

Principles and Methods of Ethical Education in the Soviet School

The Problems of Pioneer Club Activities

Some Questions of the Teaching of Biology

The Development of Pedagogical Sciences at Colleges and Universities

Polstoročnica bojov KSČ o socialistickú školu

On the Philosophical Problems of the Theory of Education

On the Theory of Concept of Communist Education

The Importance of the Mathematical Theory of Games and Programme-Making for a Psychological Analysis of the Learning Process

Twenty-Five Years of the Czechoslovak Socialist School

Some Problems of Psychological Service for School

Jean Jacques Rousseau – a Fighter for the Freedom of Man and for Humanitarian Education

Vilém Chmelař is seventy


Ten Years of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences

The Ideological and Political Education at Universities (Colleges)

On the Methodics of the Research in the Question of Moral Education

Some Questions of the Care Lasting the Whole Day

Experiences of the Teachers of Lipec Area in the U. S. S. R. with a New Organization of Lessons

The Relation between Politics and Education

Actual Problems of the Theory of Learning

The Question of the Subject Matter of the Pedagogics and of the Components of Education

The Absence of Pupils of Generally Educational School

Colour in School Milieu

Sixty years of Professor Peter Vajcík



Pretentious and Responsibles Tasks

The Significance of Marx’s Theses on Feuerbach’s Philosophy for the Socialist Pedagogy

On the Problem of a Smooth Transition of Pupils from the Fifth to the Sixth Year of the Basic Nine-Year School

Some Conclusions from the Experiences of Pupils’ Teams of Voluntary Productive Work in the U.S.S.R.

The Acquisition of Working Skills

A New Conception of Instruction and Syllabuses of Psychology at Teachers’ Training Colleges (contribution to the discussion)

On Contemporary Basic Tasks of Psychology in the Field of Education

A Pedagogical Collective



The Social Meanings of Pedagogics

The problems of Methodology in the Development of the Pedagogical Theory

A Contribution to the Correlation between Subjects

On the Problems of the Pioneer Organisation Activities in the Institutions Taking Care of the After-School Education

The Question of Morning and Afternoon Lessons with Regard to Age-Groups

The First Attempt to Instroduce the Spelling Method in Slovakia



The Formation of the Scientific Work Outlook in the Light of the Congress and the New Programme of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

On the Theory of Syllabus-Making in Technical Subjects

Questions of Appropriateness in Education

Conclusions from a Three-Year Research into Civic Education

An Analysis of Symptoms of Changed Left-Handeness in Education

Some School Problems in Poland



A New Trace in the Development of the Scientific-experimental Work

On the Problems of Content, Organisational Forms and Methods of Educational Work at the School

Individual Educational Work in Collective Education

The Organisation of Apprentices’ Education and the Reform of its Content

Individual and Collective Training of Apprentices

Some Causes of Youth’s Failures in Profession

The Ways of Development of the Czech Pedopsychology after 1945

On the Question of Improving Instruction in Psychology at Pedagogical Institutes (by Stanislav Langer)

Literary Education in Western Germany

Experience from the Work with Statistics of Pupils’ Marks



XXIV. mezinárodní konference o veřejném vyučování