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For a Fuli Develop of Personality in Communism

The Problems of Education for Work

Construction of School Buildings in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

Psychological Questions of Forming Active Knowledge in the Teaching of Grammar

Research into and Development of Psychical Abilities of Pupils in the USSR

On Psychology and Pedagogy (contribution to discussion)

Participation of the Czechoslovak Union of Youth in the School Reform

Josef Kožíšek, Educationist and Writer



The Communist Education in the Program of Communist Party of the U. S. S. R.

Formation of Pupil’s Conception of Life in chemical Education

To the Problem of the Conception and System of Methods of Instruction

The Antithesis of Out-of-class and Out-of-school Education of Pupils in Capitalist and Socialist Society

Some Questions Concerning the Developing of Cognition with Children of Pre-School Age

Ideological Aspects in the Political Education of the West German Youth

V. G. Bělinskij a Founder of the Revolutionary Democratic Pedagogics



According to the Directions of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia

On a New Conception of Education in Graphic and Plastic Art at the General School

Testing and Appraising the Attainment of Pupils in the Lessons of Workshop Practice

To the Problem of Theoretic Principles of the Communist Moral Education

Os Some Experiences with a Use of the Suggestion of the Plan od Educational Work in Schools

Adult Education in Great-Britain: the Working-Class Movement and the Universities



To Develop Completely the Social Mission of the School and Teacher

On the Problems Skills and Habits in the Theory of Instruction

On the Questions of a New Conception of Musical Instruction at General Schools

Workshop Practice and the Educational Problems Indvolved

The Tasks of Vocational Guidance at our Schools

On the Problem of Lay Ethics and Civic Education at Schools in the Bourgeois Czechoslovak Republic

Celebrating the Sixtieth Birthday of Professor Dr. Karel Galla



The Fight of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia for a Socialist School

On the System of Education and Instruction Law

Subject Teaching at the National School

Physical Education in the Conditions of Connecting School with Life

The Significance of Family Upbringing for Infants

On the Problem of General and Vocational Education

The Development of Initiative and Activity of Children in the Pioneer Organisation of the Czechoslovak Union of Youth

Some Remarks of systematics Linking up Initial Instruction with Pre-School Education

Janusz Korczak



Tasks of the Pedagogical Sciences in the Third Five – Years Plan

The Education of a Communist Attitude to Work and Social Ownership

Some Theoretical and Practical Questions Children’s Preparation for School-Entrance

Literatury Education and Basic Subject-Matter

Socialist Humanism and the Aim of Communist Education

Practical Tasks of Pedagogical Psychology (to discussion)

Present-Day Problems of Pedagogical Psychology in the Sector of Vocational Schools (to discussion)

Textbooks of History – Weapons of the German Revenge-Seekers

Reform of Teachers’ Training in the German Democratic Republic