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Some Didactic Questions connected with the Productive Work of Pupils

Some Basic Tasks of Day Boarding Institutions for Schoolchildren in the Present Reform of our School System

Psychology of Teacher-Pupil Relationship

Experiences with the Formation of the Educational System at the Eleven-Year Secondary School

Fundamentals of agricultural Production in 12-Year Secondary School

Peoples Adult Educational Work in the Beginnings of the National Revival



For Education in the Spirit od COmmunism

The Share of the Elementary School in Pupils’ Training for Working with their Text-books without Assistance

On the Problem of the Gnoseological Principles for the Reorganisation of the Educational System and on its Social Significance

Problems of the Many-sided Development of the Child’s Personality

N. K. Krupska on the Important Role of Joint Istruction and Manufacturing Work in Education



The Socialist Reconstruction of Our Educational System

The Tasks of Vocational Schools in the Campaign for Completing Socialist Construction

A New Conception of Workers Education

The New Teachers’ Training System

Some Questions Concerning the Reform of the University

The Question of Consciousness in Ethical Education

Satisfaction of Aesthetic Needs in Process of Work

Makarenko’s Beqeust to Our Educational Work


For the Education according to communistic Principles (Specch at the Session of Central Comitee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia)

On the close Relation between School and Life and on the further Development of Education in Czechoslovakia

Confidence Arising from the Correct Choice of Education and Application of the Capabilities and Interests of Young People

The School Reform at the Present Stage of Socialis Construction

The General Education School form the Aspect of its Connection with Life, with Productive Work

Productive Labour at the Písek Twelwe-Year School

The Revolutionary Change of Education in USSR

To Educate the Communist Generation

The Role of the Czech and Slovac Science in the Reorganisation of Our School

To the Question of Teaching Principles in the Instruction

Some Problems of the Recent Apprentices’ Education

The Idea of Work in Education

The Educational Plan of Class-Master



To Complete the revolutionary Reconstruction of our School to Make it a Socialist School

On Present-Day Questions of Cultural Revolution, Education, and Schools in Czechoslovakia

The Linking-up of Instruction with Productive Work

To the Discussion Concerning Questions of the Development in Soviet Educational System

Some Aspects of the Basic Method of Socialist Education and the First Steps toward its Implementation in the German Democratic Republic

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