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General Pedagogical Concept of Basic Subject-Matter

Dependence of the Skill in P. T. on the Time-Table of Training

Pedagogical Views of František Krejčí

Milton’s Tractate of Education

Distracted Children



The problem of suitability of artistic work in preschoolage children

Some problems concerning the formation of a collective

Report on a research of arithmetical instruction in the 2nd grade of elementary school

Education and instruction in the Czech provinces before J. A. Commenius

Pathogenesis and prevention of stammering



Atheistic and Moral Education – Part of the Scientific Education at Our School

The Standard Knowledge of 8th Grade Pupils about the Subject and the Predicate

School, Socialist Education and Pedagogy in the People’s Republic of China

From the Didactic Works of Jakub Jan Ryba

John Henry Pestalozzi in Czech Pedagogical Literature

Some More Observations on the Rational Development of the Pupil



Zdeněk Nejedlý

Zdeněk Nejedlý to our Teachers

Soviet Pedagogy to the Anniversary of the Greater October

On the Problems of Lesson-Planning

To the Question of the Formation of Moral Ideas among Secondary School Pupils

Some Components of Moral Education in the Process of Educational-Instructional Work at a Pedagogical School for Working People



The Character of Independent Work of Pupils at the National School

Comenius and People’s Pedagogy

On the Problem of Self-Contained Characters in the Pupils Collective

On the Question of Overburdening and Examining Pupils from the Viewpoint of Hygiene of the Educational Instructional Process

Variations in the Degree of Fatigue in the Course of School Work as Stated in Special Research



What Is to Be Taught at the National (Primary) School

Didactic Problems of the Teaching of History in the Light of History as a Science

Report on a Complex Inquiry into the 2nd Grade of the General Educational School

Creative Use of Comenius’ Ideas in Contemporary Pedagogical Science