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To the fourth centenary of J. A. Comenius’s birth

Didactics and pedagogics in the work of Comenius

The education and school theory J. A. Comenius in the relation to the present time

School and humanization of education in the concept of Comenius

Comenius and philosophy of educational methods: intuitive method

The educational system of J. A. Comenius as a paradigma in the history of the science

The stimulating nature of J. A. Comenius’s philosophical and educational ideas in the context of the time present

J. A. Comenius and our school reforms

The significance stay at Blatný potok for the development of J. A. Comenius’s educational ideas development

J. A. Comenius’s orbis pictus always topic

Rezeption and impact of Comenius’s theory of aids and of his textbooks in the seventeentii and eighteenth centuries

Comenius’ stratiform didactic project

Jan Amos Comenius and the musical education

J. A. Comenius’s work – J. A. Comenii opera omnia

Some aspects of the hitherto research of J. A. Comenius’ terminology

J. A. Comenius and the historical tradition

J. A. Comenius’s workshop of humanity and the endeavour to humanize education

Democracy, expertness and education

Notices to the preparation of a critical analysis of the development of education in the years 1945-1990