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On Discussion of Pedagogics as a Science and its Direction

The Production of Case Studies for Research Purposes

Look Who’s Talking? The Participation of Pupils in Teaching Communication at the Second Level of Primary School

The Wanted and Unwanted Professional Self of Students in the Second Year of the Educational Faculty

New Professional Challenges for the Teacher after Appointment as School Director

The Scientification of Pedagogy – Analysis and Prospects

Pedagogics in Search of Itself. A contribution to discussion on a lecture by W. Brezinka

One the Risk of Simplification and Movement in Science, Especially in Pedagogics

A Look Back on the Life and Work of doc. PhDr. Jiří Pelikán, CSc.

BREZINKA, W. Pedagogics in Austria. The History of the Discipline in Universities from the 18th to the 21st Century

PRŮCHA, J. Czech Learning. A Multidisciplinary View of the Phenomenon of National Culture

KASPEROVÁ, D. The Education of Industrial Man and the Baťa Firm in Interwar Zlín

KUSÁ, J. Multicultural Education in the Process of Literary Communication