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Reconsidering Educational Research

Making Sense of Data: Objectivity and subjectivity, fact and value

Narratives of Educational Research: Representations and mis-presentations in a time of interpretation

Educational Neuroscience and Reconsideration of Educational Research

Producing Knowledge for Improvement: The 3A procedure as a tool for content-focused research on teaching and learning

Creating Short Forms for Construct Measures: The role of exchangeable forms

New Perspectives on Traditional Themes?

The Possibilities and Limits of Networking, Particularly in Educational Research

Teaching Situations that Develop Competences in Problem-Solving: A theoretical model as the starting-point for the analysis of teaching

The Role of Research-Orientated Teaching of Mathematics in the Training of Teachers for the First Level of Basic School

School Counselling Services at High Schools Provided by School Counsellors

The Registration of the Child in the First Form − Criteria, fairness and the view of legal representatives

Taking Stock of 15 Years of an Unconventional Student Conference

MAREŠ, P., RABUŠIC, L., & SOUKUP, P. (2015). Analýza sociálněvědních dat (nejen) v SPSS [The Analysis of Social Scientific Fata (not only) in the SPSS]

Remebering Professor Zdeněk Helus

The Education and Professional Development of Teachers in Theoretical and Research Context

Approaches to Czech Education Policy since 1989: The deprofessionalisation of the teaching profession and teacher training?

Novice Teachers and Drop-Out

Use of activities supporting professional development and their perceived obstacles by teachers of primary and secondary schools

“Lesson Study” in Czech Conditions: How teachers see their participation and what kind of influence it has on their perception of didactic-mathematical phenomena.

Videoclubs as a form of professional development: How open is the communication from the teachers’ perspective

The Development of the Professional Vision of Students of Teaching for Nursery Schools

Critical Reflection as a Tool for Changing the Communication Behaviour of the Teacher: A case study

Pojednání o prof. Milanu Hejném u příležitosti jeho 80. narozenin aneb Autor teorie objektem svého výzkumu

WALTHER, A., PARREIRA do AMARAL, M., CUCONATO, M., DALE, R. (Eds.) Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe [Ovlivňování vzdělávacích drah v Evropě]

Fulfilled and Unfulfilled Challenges for Czech Educational Research

The Investigation of Processes and Structures in Classroom Communication: History and the present

Categorisation as an Intellectual Operation in Children at the Beginning of their School Years in the Context of Different Social-Cultural Environments

Conceptions of Liberalism and Democracy in the Educational Process: A deconstruction of neo/liberal dominance in the RVP (Framework Educational Plan)

Overcoming the Differences between the Slovak and Czech School Systems in Inter-War Czechoslovakia

”Elementary, my dear Watson!” is not a dictum that should apply in research on communication structures

On Reductionism and Ponderousness in Educational Research. An answer to the discussion piece by Jiří Mareš

ŠORMOVÁ, K. How Roma Read. A Quantitative Study of the Standard of Reading Literacy among Roma Pupils

Pedagogical Approaches in Multidisciplinary Theory and Practice

Dewey and “the Czech Dewey”, Pedagogics and Ideology

Doxa and epistémé of the Theory of Education through Direct Experience

What are the Roles of the Teacher in E-Learning?

School Competition and Pupil Achievement in the Czech Republic: A Close Look at the PISA 2012 Study

VIŠŇOVSKÝ, E. (Ed.) (2014). Univerzita, spoločnosť, filozofia: realita versus hodnoty [University, Society, Philosophy: Reality versus values]

LOJDOVA, K. (2014). Zvol si mou cestu! Edukační aktivity subkultury freeganů ve veřejném prostoru [Choose my Path! The educational activities of the freegans in public space]


A Retrospective and Prospective View of the Personality-Orientated Concept of Education in Theory and Practice: Why regard to personality is important in education and how to apply it in turnaround education

Illustrations of the Turnaround Education Theory of Zdeněk Helus

The Prospects of Personality-Orientated Education in the Context of the Self-Transcendence of the Child

Child, Body, Idea

From Pre-school Upbringing to Pre-School Education and Back to Pre-School Upbringing (The path from imperfect miniaturisation of the adult to autonomous personality)

Pedagogical Paths to the Effective Coexistence of Everyone in Society

What has the “turnaround towards the child” brought, and what has it obscured?

The Importance of Social Stimuli for the Development of Empathy and Mentalisation in Children, or Look me in the eye

Eight Sides of Zdeněk Helus

Knowing One’s Heels

The Contribution of the Work of Prof. Helus for Pedagogy and the Transformation of the Czech Educational System after 1989

HELUS, Z. Social Psychology for Teachers

JEDLIČKA, R., et al. Disorders of Socialisation among Children and Adolescents (The Prevention of Life Breadown and Crisis Intervention)

UHL SKŘIVANOVÁ, V., et al. The Pedagogy of Art − The Art of Pedagogy (or the value of art education for general education)