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Prof. Zdeněk Helus on His 80th Birthday, Special Issue


A Retrospective and Prospective View of the Personality-Orientated Concept of Education in Theory and Practice: Why regard to personality is important in education and how to apply it in turnaround education

Illustrations of the Turnaround Education Theory of Zdeněk Helus

The Prospects of Personality-Orientated Education in the Context of the Self-Transcendence of the Child

Child, Body, Idea

From Pre-school Upbringing to Pre-School Education and Back to Pre-School Upbringing (The path from imperfect miniaturisation of the adult to autonomous personality)

Pedagogical Paths to the Effective Coexistence of Everyone in Society

What has the “turnaround towards the child” brought, and what has it obscured?

The Importance of Social Stimuli for the Development of Empathy and Mentalisation in Children, or Look me in the eye

Eight Sides of Zdeněk Helus

Knowing One’s Heels

The Contribution of the Work of Prof. Helus for Pedagogy and the Transformation of the Czech Educational System after 1989

HELUS, Z. Social Psychology for Teachers

JEDLIČKA, R., et al. Disorders of Socialisation among Children and Adolescents (The Prevention of Life Breadown and Crisis Intervention)

UHL SKŘIVANOVÁ, V., et al. The Pedagogy of Art − The Art of Pedagogy (or the value of art education for general education)