Special Monothematic Issue: Reconsidering Educational Research

Editors: Marit Honerød Hoveid, Iva Stuchlíková

This monothematic issue aims to provide a range of perspectives re-considering decisive methodological and metatheoretical issues in educational research. Research on education is becoming more and more diversified, introducing new questions, methods, procedures, and pathways on the one hand, and becoming more routinized and nested within “topical issues” on the other. As researchers we must from time to time re-consider not only questions about “how to” investigate given phenomena, but also questions related to why, what, in which context, and for what purposes we engage in this research endeavour. This reflexive stance towards educational research raises questions such as these. What are (relevant) data? What is taken for granted when implementing a particular design or method? To what extent can the limitations of a specific approach be surpassed? How do the values and backgrounds embedded in doing educational research have an impact? What role does normativity play and what are the limits to empirical research in education?

We expect papers dealing with philosophical, methodological, and empirical topics relevant for such considerations. Examples of such topics could be: the advantages and disadvantages of meta-analyses; interdisciplinary research issues – e.g. intertwined biological,, educational, sociological, and psychological approaches to learning; the consequences of different conceptualisations of the quality of education for preferred research practices; design and its possible impact on bias in the interpretation of results, the possibilities for validating and contextualizing data in quantitative designs, etc. On the contrary, studies discussing particular problems related to the single-study application of a specific method or statistical approach are not assumed to be proper candidates for publication in this monothematic issue.

The issue will be published in December 2017.