Center for Educational Measurement and Psychometrics


NMST570 Selected topics in psychometrics (1/1, C+Ex, 3 credits). Course taught at Charles University since 2017. Winter semester, Tuesdays 3:40pm – 5:10pm.

NMST571 Seminar in psychometrics (0/2, 3 credits). Course taught at Charles University since 2018. Summer semester, Tuesdays 3:40pm – 17:10pm.

Workshops taught

Introduction to Differential Item Functioning Analysis with R and ShinyItemAnalysis. Full-day pre-conference workshop. AEA-Europe, Lisbon, Portugal. November 13, 2019.

Testing in teritary teaching. Long-term learning. Charles university. 2018, 2019.


Workshops and conferences organized

Psychoco 2019. International Workshop on Psychometric Computing February 21 – 22, 2019 Charles University & Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague. Almost 100 participants from over 10 countries, 35 talks.

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