Previous years

Since 2001, when the tradition of organising these conferences has started at Faculty of Education, Charles University, project based education became widely popular. It is even implemented in the new educational standards in the Czech Republic. Therefore, training prospective teachers in using this alternative educational method is efficient. A possibility of presenting one’s own work and one’s image of a lesson based on project education, acquailt oneself with other authors perspectives and a possibility of discussing about this topic has been broadly welcome by students. The interest of students is proven by increasing number of participants of this konference – students from Bohemia and Moravia (CZ) were joined by students from Slovakia in 2010.

A novelty of the year 2010 was a double character of entries. Project based lesson plans were joined by papers on theory of project based education implemented into teacher training or means of improving teacher training in this using method. This trend is going to be supported further since the papers may serve as a very valuable sources of inspiration for other departments.

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