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About the proceedings

The conference proceedings Project-based education and other activating strategies in science education (PBE) is an open access peer review periodical published once a year at the Faculty of Education of Charles University, Department of Chemistry and Chemistry Education following the PBE conference.

Only original authors’ contributions that have not previously been published in another periodical and have been subject to peer review proceedings may be published.

Since 2017, the proceedings have only been published online.

ISSN 2695-0626

Aims & Scope

The conference proceedings focus on the issue of active students’ learning in science teaching from prospective as well as in-service teachers, curriculum and teaching materials as well as educational results’ point of view. The aim of the proceedings is to support the development of activation strategies science teaching both through theoretical anchoring and examples of good practice supported by research results. The conference proceedings thus target both the professional community of researchers in the field of natural sciences, teachers’ educators, as well as teachers, to whom it provides insight into current knowledge in the given field.

Author fees

Only authors who covered the conference fee are allowed to publish in the proceedings. No other fees are required.

Revenue sources, advertising and marketing

The conference proceedings is published using the Charles University, Faculty of Education resources under possible support of development or scientific projects. The publication does not depend on any commercial party.

The proceedings serves only for scientific and educational purposes. No adverts are published. The papers published or other do not serve to commercial purposes.


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