David Greger


David Greger is the director of the Institute for Research and Development of Education at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. He works mainly in the field of comparative education, educational policy, sociology of education and quantitative methodology. He teaches quantitative research methods and sociology of education for doctoral students and classes on equity in education, educational policy and quantitative research methods for master’s students. His recent work has been focused on issues of equity and quality in education, positive discrimination measures for at-risk students and other policy interventions that may reduce the achievement gaps, school choice and educational transitions. His main interest is also on mechanisms and effects of early tracking in different educational systems. He is also interested in comparisons of education in different countries, he has a particular interest in educational change and post-Socialist transformations in Europe.

David has been involved in many national and international projects and serves as an advisor for the European Commission, OECD and the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. He is currently leading a major longitudinal study in the Czech Republic (CLoSE – Czech Longitudinal Study in Education).



Books and book chapters (only selection of books and book chapters in English or French)

  • Greger, D. (2015). Educational policy in the Czech Republic: 25 years of educational transformation and growing inequalities. In Corner, T. (Ed.) Education in the European Union: Post-2003 Member States. Bloomsbury academic, s. 75-92. ISBN 978-14-725-2228-3.
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Papers (only papers in English or French)

  • Straková, J.; Simonová, J.; Greger, D. (2018)  Improving maths results: does teachers’ academic optimism matter? A study of Czech lower secondary schools. School Effectiveness and School Improvement. DOI:10.1080/09243453.2018.1446449. https://doi.org/10.1080/09243453.2018.1446449
  • Straková, J.; Greger, D. & Soukup, P. (2017). Factors affecting the transition of fifth-graders to the academic track in the Czech Republic. International Studies in Sociology of Education. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09620214.2017.1290541 .
  • Jones, K., Tymms, P., Kemethofer, D., O’Hara, J., McNamara, G., Huber, S., Myrberg, E., Skedsmo, G. & Greger, D. (2017). The unintended consequences of school inspection: the prevalence of inspection side-effects in Austria, the Czech Republic, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland, Oxford Review of Education, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/03054985.2017.1352499.
  • Greger, D.; Kifer, E. (2012). Lost in translation: Ever changing and competing purposes for national examinations in the Czech Republic. Journal of Pedagogy, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 43–81. ISSN 1338-1563. (DOI 10.2478/v10159-012-0003-y)
  • Greger, D. (2012). When PISA does not matter? Case of the Czech Republic and Germany. Human Affairs, 2012, Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 31–42. ISSN 1210-3055. (DOI: 10.2478/s13374-012-0004-5)
  • Greger. D. (2008). Lorsque PISA importe peu. Le cas de la République tchèque et de l’Allemagne. Revue française de pédagogie, n° 164, mai-juin-juillet 2008, s. 91–98. ISSN 0556-7807

More publication including some fulltexts available at my profile on Researchgate: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/David_Greger



Projects – leader
  • 2018-2020 Factors related to the cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes of vocational students. The role of the sense of academic futility and school culture (Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, project n. 18-19056S)
    member of the research team
  • 2012-2018 The relationships between skills, schooling and labor market outcomes: A longitudial study ( National Science Foundation, Center of excelence – No. P402/12/G130), CLoSE – Czech Longitudial Study in Education
    cooperation of CERGE-EI (led by Jan Švejnar – principal investigator), Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education ( team led by David Greger) and National Training Fund (team led by Jiří Večerník).
  • 2011–2013 Impact of school inspections on teaching and learning
    EC Lifelong Learning Programme, číslo 511490-LLP1-2010-1-NL-KA1-KA1SCR, hlavní řešitel za ČR.
    Partnerské instituce: University of Twente, Nizozemsko (koordinátor), University of Durham, Velká Británie, University of Gothenburg, Švédsko, Dublin City University, Irsko,Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Rakousko, Harvard University, USA.
  • 2006–2008 EUROREP. Comparaison des politiques d’éducation prioritaire en Europe: Evaluation, conditions de réussite
    EC programme Socrates 6.1.2, číslo 2006 – 2782 / 001 – 001, hlavní řešitel za ČR.
    Partnerské instituce: INRP (koordinátor), Université Paris 8, Institut de recherches et d’études sur le monde arabe et musulman- Francie; Pre-School Learning Alliance – Velká Británie; Université d’Athènes a Université de Patras – Řecko; Université de Mons-Hainaut a Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – Belgie; Escola superior de educaçao de Coimbra – Portugalsko; Örebro Universitet a Uppsala Universitet – Švédsko; Institul Intercultural Timisoara – Rumunsko
  • 2005–2007 Developing a sense of justice among disadvantaged students: the role of schools
    EC programme Socrates 6.1.2, číslo n° 79/2005, hlavní řešitel za ČR
    Partnerské instituce: University of York – UK, Université de Bourgogne (IREDU) – Francie, Université La Sapienza de Rome – Itálie, Université de Mons-Hainaut – Belgie.




Ph.D. level courses: Quantitative Research Methods in Education and Sociology of Education

supervisor of Ph.D. candidates in Education in Czech and English programme.

M.A. Level courses: Equity in Education &  Education Policy & Qunatitative Research Methods.