Eliška Walterová


Professor Eliška Walterová is a former head of the Institute for Research and Development of Education at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague. She serves as university professor, research coordination, advisor and member of scientific and editorial boards in international and national institutions. The main focus of her professional interests is comparative education, global and European studies, educational policy, management and school education. She has been a leader of the significant projects, eg. Centre for Research of Basic Education, Transformation of Education in Central European Countries, School Education Abroad. She is a member of the Executive Commitee of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies. She published chapters in international handbooks on comparative education, teacher education and school education. She is co-author of the Czech Dictionary of Education (7th edition 2013). She teaches general education, comparative education and higher education for doctoral students, comparative education and European studies for school managers.


  • 1965
    Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, Secondary Teacher
  • 1968
    Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, PhDr in Philology
  • 1975
    Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, J. A. Comenius Institute of Education, CSc. In Education (Ph.D.)
  • 1994
    Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, Associate Professor
  • 2011
    Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Professor


Projects (Selected)

  • The link between mainstream and shadow education: the case of Czech lower-secondary schools (Grant Agency of the Czech Republic)
    2018-2020 member of the research team
  • Centre for Research of Basic Education (UNCE)
    2012-2017, Coordinator
  • Centre for Basic Research of Schooling (RECES)
    2006-2011, Coordinator
  • Teacher Education in the World (WCCES)
  • Comparative Education in the World (WCCES)
  • Opportunities and Treats of Transition from Basic to Secondary Schools


Books (selection)

  • Ježková, V., Walterová, E., Abankina, T. & Abankina, I. (2013) School Education in the Russian Federation. Prague: Karolinum Press [in Czech]
  • Walterová, E. et al. (2011) Two Worlds of Basic School? The Pitfalls of the Transition from the First Stage to the Second Stage. Prague: Karolinum Press [in Czech]
  • Walterová, E., Černý, K., Greger, D. & Chvál, M. (2011) The School System – (Non) Public Affairs? Public Views of School and Education. Prague: Karolinum Press [in Czech]
  • Walterová, E. (2006) Comparative Education. Development and Changes in the Global Context. Prague: Faculty of Education Press [in Czech]
  • Walterová, E. (1994) Curriculum. Changes and Trends in the International Perspective. Brno: Masaryk University Press. [in Czech]
  • Průcha, J., Walterová, E. & Mareš, J. (2013) Dictionary of Education. 7th Edition. [in Czech]

Chapters in Books

  • Šťastná, V. & Walterová, E. (2014) The Bologna Process in the Czech Republic. In Kozma, T. et al. (Eds.) The Bologna Process in Central and Eastern Europe. Debrecen: Springer, pp. 83-114.
  • Walterová, E. (2010) Teacher Education and Training in the Czech Republic: Development and Current Problems. In Karras, T. & Wolhuter, C. (Eds.) International Handbook on Teacher Education World Wide: Issues and Challenges. Athens: Atrapos, pp. 175-194. [Also in Greek, 2012]
  • Walterová, E. (2007) Comparative Education Section of the Czech Pedagogical Society. In Masemann, V., Bray, M. & Manzon. M. Common Interests, Uncommon Goals. Histories of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies and its Members. Hong Kong: Springer, pp. 256-267.


  • Walterová, E. (2014) How is Education Research Performed in the Czech Republic? Conditions, Institutions, People. In Urbánek, P. (Ed.) Where does Contemporary Education Research Lead? Liberec: Czech Association of Educational Research, pp. 73-91. [ in Czech ]
  • Walterová, E. (2014) Problems of Comparative Education as a Subject of University Teaching in the World and in the Czech Environment. Pedagogická orientace, 24 (5) 663-698. [ in Czech ]
  • Walterová, E. (2012) Educational Standards and the Construction of the System of Curricular Documents in Russia. Orbis scholae, 6 (1) 107-120. [in Czech]
  • Walterová, E. & Greger, D. (2007) In Pursnit of Educational Change: Transformation of Education in the Czech Republic. Orbis scholae, 1 (2) 11-44.
  • Walterová, E. (2007) The Transformation of Educational Systems in the Visegrád Countries: Introduction to the Context of Comparative Research. Orbis scholae, 1 (2) 5-10.


  • Scientific Boards: Member of 7 Boards at Czech Universities in Prague, Brno, Liberec, Zlín
  • Editorial Boards: Orbis Scholae (Head), Pedagogika (Member), Studia paedagogica (Member).