School Tracking 2015 Conference papers and presentation

  • From Selectivity to Universalism: How Macro-Level Policy Narratives: Shape Meso-Level Policy Outcomes
    Marcela Veselková, Miroslav Beblavý
  • Assessing „Big Fish Little Pond Effect“ in the context of early tracking in the Czech Republic
    David Greger, Petr Soukup
  • Recent developments in school tracking practices in Germany: An overview and an empirical example from a de-tracking reform
    Michael Becker, Hanna Dumont, & Marko Neumann
  • The (in) comparability of ICT knowledge and skill self-assessments among upper secondary school students: The use of the anchoring vignette method
    Hana Voňková, Jan Hrabák
  • Sorting into Secondary Education and Peer Effects in Smoking
    Filip Pertold
  • Inefficient School Matching Mechanisms: The Case of The Czech Republic
    Daniel Münich

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