About the journal

The Literacy, Preliteracy and Education Journal is a peer-reviewed journal which specializes in the field of literacy and education in their broadest terms. Its goal is to mediate new knowledge in the field and thus to provide impulses that will stimulate further development of the field, and to strengthen the link between research and praxis. The Journal deals with reading, mathematical, informational and science literacy and pre-literacy and with related topics. It also serves as a basis for the development of educational psychology, primary pedagogy and departmental didactics, and special and social pedagogy as research subjects.

The Journal is built on the expertise of research teams based in the Charles University Faculty of Education and collaborating experts from other institutions which have worked on our international research and application projects in the field (GAČR Reading Comprehension – a Typical Development and Its Risks, GAUK Development Variability of the Early Reading Literacy Development of Children with a Risk of the Emergence of a Learning Disability, 7 RP Enhancing Literacy Development in European Languages, ESF Development of Reading Skills in Inclusive Education; European Literacy Policy Network etc.). All of the researchers collaborating on this journal – both Czech and international – are keen on establishing connections, collaboration and participation on the development of the area through research and its application.

The Journal publishes primary, previously unpublished, theoretical, methodological and overview papers that deal with both currently running and finished research studies, reviews of specialist literature, analytical reports on research activities in the field and discussion papers. For further information about submissions and guidelines click here

The Journal is published three times a year (in April, August and December); the two main languages of the journal are Czech and Slovak. One English-language issue of the Journal is published each year.

A full text collection of the papers published in the Journal is available in our online Archive

The next issue is 3/2022 and 1/2023 more info in the call for papers

Evidence periodického tisku: MK ČR E 22524

ISSN 2533-7882 (Print)
ISSN 2533-7890 (On-line)