Call for papers 2020

1/2020 – VARIA

Editors: Anna Kucharská, Monika Kadrnožková

The varia theme of the forthcoming issue of The Literacy, Preliteracy and Education Journal is open for authors.


2/2020 – VARIA

Editors: Anna Kucharská, Klára Špačková

The varia theme of the forthcoming issue of The Literacy, Preliteracy and Education Journal is open for authors.


3/2020 Journal of literacy studies welcomes submissions

Editors:  Michal Nedělka, Marie Fulková

Literacy, Pre-Literacy and Education journal is preparing a monothematic issue focusing on the development of literacy in music education and visual culture across all levels of education.

The topic of music literacy mainly concerns the level and development of musicality, possibly in connection with the knowledge of music theory and music history – all according to the type and level of education (general education, special music education, extracurricular music education and related music activities). This characteristic also predetermines the submitted journal articles, which typically focus on the various ways in which musical abilities and skills can be developed, and on research-based assessment of musical abilities and skills. All of these are possibly connected with the level of knowledge. The submissions can take the form of theoretical studies (e.g. description of research, analysis of teaching aids) or review articles (on the progress of research with national or international outputs).

The second topic deals with art, culture and education, which connect the domains of huge volumes of communication and symbolic exchanges operating against the background of economic and political dynamisms of local and global dimensions. Multimedia communication technology and its audio-visual modes determine the ways in which contemporary society works, and the ways in individuals, cultures and societies think and act. The current social situation requires both social distance and enormous flexibility in communication and specific literacy for creating and understanding visual messages. The image as a complex meaning-forming entity dominates our understanding of the world, our position and our identity or subjectivity. Visual literacy is a new challenge for education, one that can change the prevailing mindset. How do we currently define visual literacy, along with its forms and functions? How can it be acquired and taught? What is the position of art educators? We welcome interesting theoretically anchored submissions (touching on concepts such as image, visual culture, visuality, intermodality and intermediality of contemporary art and its pedagogical implications, research in art). We also welcome submissions touching on the systemic incorporation of visual language (VL) in school curricula and in practice (models of education, case studies, VL in the practice of galleries and museums, curricular experiments and case studies related to community projects of safeguarding the living culture, i.e. projects with social and educational effects).