Review Info

The Literacy, Preliteracy and Education Journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal. We publish only papers that comply with the formal and content standards set by the Journal. All submissions are subject to peer review, which is performed by two independent reviewers, neither of whom is based in the same institution as the author and both of whom are domestically or internationally recognized specialists in the field.

The author will obtain feedback, after which the paper will be:

  1. published without alterations;
  2. published after edits have been performed in accordance with the feedback, or
  3. not published in its current form with an option of a revision of the paper with a subsequent new peer review process.

If the two reviewers should provide dissonant ratings,

  1. the editor-in-chief seeks out a third reviewer, who will settle the review process or
  2. with a final ruling which is made by the editorial board.