Call for papers 2021

1/2021 Monotematic issue

Editoři: Anna Kucharská

The varia theme of the forthcoming issue of The Literacy, Preliteracy and Education Journal is open for authors.


2/2021 + 3/2021 Physical literacy and education

Editoři: Soňa Jandová, Hana Dvořáková, Petr Vlček, Lenka Vojtíková

Physical literacy is the goal of physical education at all levels of schools. The aim is to give children, pupils, and students such physical skills and knowledge as would be the basis for lifelong physical activity. The formation of movement literacy is essential from the point of view of society’s health. Only quality physical education teachers can educate physically literate pupils and students. Their preparation builds on the practical skills and knowledge of modern teaching. New knowledge in the field of physical education can significantly contribute to the level of teaching in this field.