Current Call for Papers

3/2022 University Counseling – Current Challenges and Trends

Editors:  Anna Kucharská, Klára Špačková

Counselling for university students is now a part of university activities. The aim of the monothematic issue is a reflection of the college counselling practice, which could support further development in this area. The issue aims to support all vulnerable groups of college students. Those with special needs (registered or confidential), students with socio-economic disadvantages, students in difficult social situations and life crises. Counselling services are also available for university staff to assist in dealing with at-risk students, guide personal and professional growth, and resolve problem situations. Contributions can be theoretical studies, review articles, research studies, or methodological studies.
Please note the following dates:
31st June 2022: Abstract submission deadline
30th August 2022: Full (invited) manuscript submission deadline
November 2022: Anticipated publication date

1/2023 Students with special educational needs in the educational context
Editors: Anna Kucharská

Call for contributions (1/2023): children, pupils, and students with special educational needs and gifted children, pupils, and students. Issue-focused is in the context of education and also in the context of literacy and preliteracy education. The topic that has resonated in recent years with society, the political sphere, and, above all, educational institutions is undoubtedly the inclusive education and inclusion of children and pupils with special educational needs in schools. For this reason, the second issue is reserved for all authors who deal with the topic.

Please note the following dates:
31th January 2023: Abstract submission deadline
31th March 2023: Full (invited) manuscript submission deadline
April 2023:  Anticipated publication date

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