Výzva pro autory 3/2019
Editors: Pavla Nečasová, Lenka Rozboudová a Klára Špačková

Development of foreign language literacy

Journal Gramotnost, pregramotnost a vzdělávání is preparing an English monothematic issue focusing on the development of foreign language literacy.

Current concept of language learning and teaching highlights the development of communicative competence. In particular, it aims to foster the development of abilities that enable students not only to understand a message, analyze it and critically evaluate its content, but also express himself or herself and formulate his or her opinions. Therefore, for adequate communication in a foreign language it is necessary that the learning process is complex and encompasses all four language skills listening and reading comprehension, oral and written expression.

The monothematic issue of Gramotnost, pregramotnost a vzdělávání targets works addressing the development of communicative competence as a goal of foreign language education from the perspective of both the teacher and the pupil. In the centre of our interest there are papers dealing with the literacy skill of reading. Research, comparative and review studies dealing with the development of socio-cultural and intercultural competence are also welcomed.

Submission and Review Timeline

30th September 2019: Abstract submission deadline
15th October  2019: Full (invited) manuscript submission deadline

The review procedure will take place in October and November 2019.

December 2019:  Anticipated publication date