Erasmus Programme at the History & History Didactics Department. Department coordinator: doc. PhDr. Jana Kepartová, CSc. (jana.kepartova[et] pedf.cuni.cz): consulation hours

For general information on studies within the Erasmus Programme at Charles University see university pages, especially Courses Taught in English and in Other Foreing Languages.

For general information on studies within the Erasmus Programme at the Faculty of Education see faculty pages.

Candidates for the ERASMUS study programs are cordially invited to participate both in the academic and cultural life of the Department of History and Didactics of History of our Faculty, as well as in its B.A., M.A., and promotion programs. Such programs open to the students the way towards deeper understanding of the history of Czech-speaking lands in relation to the European context. They will discuss the themes of their interest with tutors specialized in various fields of history and cultural history. This Department offers INDIVIDUAL COURSES ONLY, in order to overcome the possible language problems. This leads to more flexible communication corresponding to the demands of the study. The students prepare their own projects in accordance with their individual academic specializations, and we expect them to work independently under the guidance of the particular specialists.

The students coming on the basis of the agreement with the Department of History & History Didactics are pleased to choose minimum 2 courses at our Department. Please find the courses taught at our department in English here.

Permission to participate in courses from other departments / faculties of study cannot be guaranteed beforehand. Please note that it is mandatory to register for a course within the registration period in any case, even if you are just interested in taking it and the possibility is not already clarified. It is not possible to attend any course without prior registration.

Evaluation of individual course including consultations: individual study course and consultation (at least ten hours), a written paper brings 6 ECTS.

Please find consultation hours of our teachers/tutors here. The enrolling in the courses will be done by the coordinator (jana.kepartova@pedf.cuni.cz)