About the department

History & History Didactics Department

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education

The History and History Didactics Department was established in 1993 to restore the tradition, ended in 1982, of teaching history at Charles University, Faculty of Education. Members of our department are specialists in their fields, as is evident in their personal bibliography (see under  Katedra->Lidé->Vyučující) and the scholarly work in which they are currently involved (see věda a výzkum). Prospective young scientists in the process of earning their PhD. degrees are also in the department (see under Katedra->Lidé -> Doktorandi).

Students, beside obligatory courses, may select optional courses which offer unusual or specialized themes. The optional lectures offer opportunities to engage in historical research, including assistance from external experts. Compulsory pedagogical practical training requires application of theoretical knowledge. The primary goal and responsibility of the department is to prepare teachers of history for elementary and secondary schools. In addition, our graduates may also pursue professions in archives, museums, publishing houses, institutes of Academy of Science and as teachers or researchers in higher level of education.

The History and History Didactics Department teaches also Czech and Czechoslovak history in the framework of European and world history required for students in full-time study programmes in the Czech language, Social Sciences and Special Education pedagogy. They also serve as optional courses for students in the full-time study of Primary pedagogy.

The studies of history include introductions to philosophy and social sciences and higher knowledge in pedagogy, biology, IT and additional subject areas. Knowledge is orientated for teaching profession, but also provides opportunities for everyone seeking to be prepared to live in the 21st century.

The History and History Didactics Department has elaborated a special education project Heritage Education aimed on high schools, writing and publishing two books for teachers. Our Department undertakes other projects to aid teachers. One example is the Consultation Centre for Teachers. We also have a programme for teachers accredited in other fields wanting to gain knowledge in history and the accreditation for teaching history (LLP).


  • Tel: +420 221 900 229
  • E-mail secretariat: katerina.entnerova@pedf.cuni.cz
  • Adress: Magdalény Rettigové 4, 116 39 Praha 1