Study Programmes

Bachelor degree programme in History (since the academic year 2006/2007)

The specialization History with specialization for teaching profession, a three-year programme, offers special education in history. Students can continue with a Masters degree program, Teaching History for Elementary and High school. Bachelor degree programme in History is aimed for students seeking to achieve accreditation in museums and galleries and for those whose goals are in civil service and restoration and education of Czech historical monuments and national heritage. Our study programmes include both historical theory and practical applications. In the theoretical field, our students study the historical development of the Czech Lands and general history from pre-history to the 21st century in theoretical lectures and seminars (workshops). Cultural history studies are incorporated in the programme, too.

Classes with practical traning include regional history plus Latin (from 2010/2011 widely transformed into courses in the classical tradition) to enable students to work with historical sources. Each student is required to participate in several historical excursions during his/her studies, which include a 5 day trip to a selected Czech or foreign site. Students will benefit by exploring physical historical realias, new to them.
The title Bc. is used before the graduate´s name.

Bachelor’s study in combination with other subjects.

Magister / Master follow-up study programme (since the academic year 2009/2010)

Master degree Programme in History, Teaching for elementary and high schools. Subject history is open in combination with any other subject taught in the bachelor study programme. Master degree programme in History is aimed for students seeking to achieve
accreditation for teaching history, but the graduates may seek working also in other civil services, archives, museums, galleries, publishing houses, editorial offices, etc.
The title Mgr. is used before the graduate´s name.


Our department is accredited for the doctorate studies, both PhDr. and Ph.D., for which the graduates of history studies (including also those from foreign universities) must have the Mgr. level. The PhDr. level study programme consists of due exams and a defense of the thesis,  the basis of which is mostly her/his excellent diploma thesis.
The title PhDr. is used before the graduate´s name.


The aim of this high-level doctorate study is to educate and train excellent scientific and pedagogical specialists for Czech and Czechoslovak history. During the study students have to attend some courses, pass due exams and defend their completly new doctoral thesis.
The title Ph.D. is used after the graduate´s name.


The History and History Didactics Department is acredited for further professional university curriculum – lectureship (doc. corresponding As.Prof.) and the degree of university profesorship (prof.).