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Music Education for Teacher Education

University study program Music Education with a focus on education prepares students in the theoretical and practical specialization of music pedagogy and provides basic knowledge for job in education. The study combines three components of Middle school / Junior High school / Secondary school / High school / Junior High school / Senior High school teacher training: subject training, general and subject training didactics and teacher propaedeutics (pedagogical-psychological training). The obligatory basis of the study consists of music theoretical components of education: music theory, harmony, counterpoint, musical forms, organology, history of music, etc.

Improving musical skills is provided by vocal and instrumental preparation, intonation and auditory analysis, choral conducting. Everything is focused on the work of a lecturer, assistant teacher, educator, cultural assistants, etc. The next part is the didactics of music education, listening and assistant practice at school. These activities prepare the graduate for the next level of study – a master’s degree in music education.

The study program in the major plan respects the balance of subject, didactic and pedagogical-psychological components according to the standards of teacher training of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. Pedagogical-psychological preparation includes subjects of pedagogy, psychology and special pedagogy, including pedagogical-psychological practice and aims to prepare for the subsequent master’s study of teaching.

Choral Singing for Teacher Education

The aim of this study program is to provide system of basic theoretical knowledge and practical conducting skills. The main subjects are: conducting technique, playing of vocal scores, vocal education in choir, aural analysis, history of choral singing, literature for all kinds of choirs.

Graduates possess knowledge and skills in both components: special and general educational. They acquire basic awareness about teacher’s work through introduction to pedagogy, social pedagogy and motivational practice and basic psychological disciplines. The curriculums outcome is not qualification for teaching.

A part of the study program maior is a bachelor’s thesis.

Playing Instrument for Teacher Education

This program is intended for graduates of music conservatory, musical high schools and musical basic schools who are not oriented for professional interpretation career.
It is possible to study two instruments – piano or violin.

The basic subjects are individual study of instrument, chamber music, improvisation, orchestra playing. Theoretical subjects – construction and history of instrument, instrumental literature.

Graduates should be prepared for getting a job in educational institutions for musical activities of children, in music schools, in cultural institutions, museums etc. For teaching qualification in basic and high schools it is necessary to continue in Master program.

A part of the study program maior is a bachelor’s thesis.

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